Quality USA Made Steel Target Review and Video

I met Clark Ellard just before Christmas this year to buy a present for Dirt Road Girl. The transaction went very smoothly and I knew I’d made a new friend.

Plinksters on the table top with Silhouettes on the bench

Plinksters on the table top with Silhouettes on the bench

In our first meeting, we talked about preparedness, self-reliance, guns, shooting, hunting, welding, and targets. Clark makes his living building vaults and safe rooms. If your interested in hardening your home or retreat, he’s your man. His main business is Safe At Home USA.

The reason for this post is his side business – The Target Source. As you can see, I don’t do any advertising on my site. I’m not against advertising. Who knows, I may use ads in the future here. But for now, I only promote products on my blog that I’ve personally found useful, well made, and of high quality. His targets being one of them.

I bought three targets from him – Plinkster 22, Plinkster 9, and Plinkster Rifle. He hand delivered them one day after school. What service! He offers free shipping anywhere in the US on orders over $250 – other wise he charges the exact cost of shipping. Get a few buddies together and make a bulk order. He doesn’t have a website for his target business yet. I’m meeting him for lunch today. I’ve offered to set up a site for him free of charge. That’s how much I like his targets and his mission.

Here’s why.

Ping, ping, ping…Instant feedback

Which would you prefer? It’s like being asked at the grocery store – “Paper or plastic?” When it comes to lead striking paper, there’s no auditory reward…just a hole in the target. When your bullet hits the Plinkster, the distinctive ping becomes music to the ear.

Make ‘em walk

Then there’s the automatic reset on the Plinksters. Every time your son or daughter hit their mark, the target ‘walks’ (flips) giving you a fresh round steel target…as fast as you can shoot and strike the target. I found it to be a great aid in target acquisition yesterday with my Ruger 10-22. If only I’d had these growing up. Lot’s of tin cans and glass bottles would have been spared.

With every hit, the target moves a little further down the range – requiring more accuracy.

Just plain fun

I shot the Plinkster 22 yesterday with my 80 year old buddy on his property. After taking the target for a ‘walk’, I offered to let him shoot. He walks with a cane now and declined. However, that didn’t stop him from having fun just watching the target flip and ping. He loved the whole concept, target design, and shooting experience.

For anyone, beginner or marksman, looking for a fun way to improve their shooting skills, I highly recommend The Target Source. Take a look at the video below. I think you’ll be convinced.

Clark has hit the bull’s-eye with his targets!

Pricing information: I’ve compared prices and Clark has the best pricing on steel targets I’ve found.

AR500 Steel Targets Made Right HERE in the USA! We have QUALITY US made AR500 steel targets in Our famous Plinksters in Rimfire, Handgun 9-40 and Handgun 45 and Rifle(up to 30-06). Also Full and 1/2 IPSC in 3/8 AR500. Quality portable stand brackets too! Coming real soon “Glock the Plates” plate rack. We will custom build any target or target system you need or require. DEALER INQUIRIES WELCOME.

Plinkster Rimfire $22.00
Handgun 9 $37.00
Handgun 45 $39.00
Rifle(up to ’06) $47.00
1/2 IPSC $75.00
Full IPSC $150.00
Stand Brackets $15.00/set
Full IPSC with Hostage taker Head Target. One for hand gun and one for rifle. Stand included(breaks down with out tools) $379

The Target Source

Quality USA Made AR 500 Targets

You can contact Clark at:

Phone: 770-680-8950

If you decide to buy from Clark, tell him I sent you. I’d love to hear your feedback.

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