DIY Projects

Here are a few projects to keep you doing the stuff. If you try these, please report back and let us know how they turn out.


A Well-Hung Ax: The Woodsman’s Secret

Uncle Otha’s Fat Lighter’d Torch

An Easy Char Cloth Tutorial 

Survival Sling Shot with Big Game Capabilities

Deconstructing My Survival Slingshot

How to Build a Saw Buck

Build a Farm Housetable from Framing Lumber

Dirt Road Girl’s Compost Tumbler

Todd’s Folding Tomato Ladders

A DIY Fire Bow On Training Wheels

Down and Dirty Sauerkraut

Arm Pit Probiotics and DiY Deodorant

Rendering Tallow for Cooking and 12 Other Uses

Making a “Honey-Do” Bench from a Cedar Tree with Pioneer Tools

Pemmican: Bread of the Wilderness

25 DIY Weekend Preparedness Projects courtesy of Angela at Food Storage and Survival

Jim’s DiY Fuel Transfer Pump

How to Build a Rocket Stove to Impress the Boys – courtesy of Jamie at Prepared Housewives

DIY Miracle Healing Salve – courtesy of Gaye Levy at Backdoor Survival

Camouflage Your Rifle DIY Style

Clever Storage Idea For Old DVD Containers

A DIY Fire Bow On Training Wheels

550 Paracord Rifle Slings

Deconstructing My Paracord Rifle Sling

Get Your Gut In Shape: Down and Dirty Sauerkraut

Pemmican: Bread of the Wilderness

21 Awesome Emergency Preparedness Hacks

Cigar Survival Fishing Kit

Drinking Straw Sewing Kit

Turn Wood Into Gas: A Simple Wood Gasifier

Making a “Honey-Do” Bench from a Cedar Tree with Pioneer Tools (mostly)

The 5 Minute Tin Olive Oil Lamp

Ed’s Red Bore Cleaner Recipe

BOB Survival Snares

Emergency Car Repairs WTSHTF

Modifying Bug Out Vehicles

Fletching Arrows Duct Tape

How To Properly Hold And Use A Hand Saw

Kitchen Cupboard Medicine

An Introductory How To Guide to Wild Herbal Medicine

Creating a Kitchen Pharmacy: Best Practice Guidelines

Roots, Twigs, Bark and Parts: The Home Apothecary


6 thoughts on “DIY Projects

  1. I found so many interesting write-ups on this website and it was a fun reading experience. Thanks a lot for sharing this.

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  5. Tina Ward

    Very interesting! I just checked out the “How to Make Ranger Pace Counter Beads”. You could also attach them to your hicking staff. I may not be prepared for “everything” that pops up in life but it won’t be for the lack if trying : )

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