Wood Gas Generator

Tom Baugh is a former Marine, patented inventor, entrepreneur and professional irritant. He points us to Mother Earth News for a look at a wood gas generator. Buy his book, Starving the Monkeys, and check out his site while you’re at it.

by Tom Baugh

Wood Gas Generator
Don’t Overlook That Gasoline Engine

Any well-prepared survivalist knows that diesel engines are the preferred option after a collapse, right? Not necessarily.

True, unprepared gasoline is a wasting asset, but there is another side to that coin. A refinery is nothing more than a big fractional distillation column, but the principles are the same as in a moonshine still. Fractionally distill gasoline and you will wind up with a lot of sort-of-gasoline, but missing other things that are good for making cars run smooth, not knock, and be nice to plants. Screw the plants. Take out the middle fractions and reblend some of the rest, and you get a pretty good gasoline back. All those underground storage tanks are then full of pure liquid gold.

Besides, gasoline engines can be run from another fuel: wood. Back when our government wasn’t completely out to enslave us all, Oak Ridge came out with an excellent paper about how to convert a gasoline engine to run on wood in case of nuclear war. Kudos to Mother Earth News for archiving this 10MB file.

You can also find some interesting YouTube videos about this process, such as:


Or, search for “wood gas truck” or “wood gas generator” there. Which brings us to our next topic, generators. The same oomph that drives a wood gas truck can also drive a generator, or just tap the power from the truck’s alternator directly into your 12v storage batteries. Almost like it was made for it.

So, survival fans, don’t immediately discard those carbureted gasoline engines just yet.

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