Announcing Real Life Survival Success Stories

Prepping, back-to-basics, preparedness, self-reliance, sustainability, DIY, homesteading, off-grid-living; whatever the label, the message is being received by thousands of real-life, everyday people from all walks of life.

I’m constantly amazed, motivated, and inspired by stories of people waking up and taking control of their future. Like a before and after picture of a fitness/exercise program showing progress, only these stories will be related to prepping. Real people transforming their mind, body, spirit, actions, and attitude to achieve their goals.

If you’d like to share your story with me of how you’re taking preparedness into your own hands, please drop me a line via email (SurvivalSherpa at gmail dot com), comment on my blog, or on Twitter (@SurvivalSherpa). I’ll publicize the story here and share it on my Twitter account to encourage other like-minded individuals in the prepping community.

OPSEC is observed here. Your personal information will not be shared or distributed in any way. Keep in mind that identifying photos in your posts will not be posted here unless permission from the contributor is expressly given.

Depending on the response, Real Life Survival Success Stories will be published once per week. I’ll keep publishing them as long as they keep coming.

Doing the stuff,

Survival Sherpa

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2 thoughts on “Announcing Real Life Survival Success Stories

  1. Steve

    Here is a great real life story…not my own.


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