Survival Sunday Roundup #7

Can you feel the squeeze yet? “Not in your neck of the woods,” you say. You’re not gasping for air? It’s only because Leviathan hasn’t constricted the coils earmarked for you yet. But you’ve got to be hearing the hissing, right?!

Lies, Damned Lies and Government Statistics

by Jim Karger

Source: The Dollar Vigilante

My grandmother grew up in the backwoods of Arkansas.  She had a fourth grade education and worked in the fields. When she was 12 years old she threw down her cotton sack and took a train to Texas to live with an aunt she had never met.  She lived a hard life, never had much of a chance, and yet she was one of the wisest people I have ever known.  

She taught me many life lessons that have served me well, one of which went like this:  “Jimmy,” she would say as she waved her finger in my face, “most folks will lie even when the truth works better.”
Not a particularly rosy view of humanity, but it was, and is, deadly accurate.

Nowhere is the truth of her admonition better seen than when man is collectivized and given authority.  Whether government, corporate or union, the simple fact is that most people are liars. Liars lie. Good liars rise to the top. And when good liars are collectivized they lie more frequently and more effectively.  When they have control of the numbers, it makes their deceit more difficult to discover.  When they can make up the numbers, it can make unwinding them a near impossibility.

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Seven Times I Was Glad to Have an Emergency Kit Just Last Week

by Angela over at Food Storage and Survival

I took a short notice road trip with the kids last week.  Approximately 1100 miles round trip to see some family for the holiday.  Of course, my vehicle emergency kit was not removed when we packed our suitcases around it.  And it’s a good thing, because even though we didn’t meet up with any zombies or get stranded on the road, we needed it a few times.

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How to Paint Your Rifle Digital Camouflage

Source: SHTF Blog

by Ranger Man on April 17, 2008

I found this article about three years ago and used it to paint a Remington Model 710, 300 mag. It turned out great, but I had to go and trade it. Remorse followed.

Here’s a pic of my rifle with a paracord sling I made.

I followed Ranger Man’s DIY article on camouflaging a rifle here.

Shooting Bare Bow – Back To Basics

Source: SHTF Blog

by Jarhead Survivor on May 11, 2012

Over the years I’ve owned several compound bows.  If you’ve done any archery you know that people will try to sell you every gizmo under the sun to add to your bow:  stabilizers, string silencers, quivers, sites and peep sites.  You can shoot with a special trigger so that you never even have to touch the string with your hands.

After shooting my Bear Bow (as opposed to shooting bare bow) for awhile, it got to the point where I could shoot the nocks off my arrows at 20 yards and still be hitting the target out to 50 or 60 yards with fair accuracy.  At one point I had a range in my back yard with different stations starting at five yards going out to about 30 that required different types of shooting.  I’d run from spot to spot and shoot on one knee at the first station, around a tree at the next, through some bushes at the next and so on.  My target was a plastic coffee can lid on a hay bale and the best I ever did was all 12 shots in the plastic.

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Hope you have a productive week doing the stuff!


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2 thoughts on “Survival Sunday Roundup #7

  1. TexasScout

    Re:How to Paint Your Rifle Digital Camouflage

    Those that are worried about the paint flaking/scratching, use DuraCoat instead. It is very hard and wears like iron. However, the prep time/effort is much more. Look on Nutnfancy’s YouTube channel to see a good DYI on this.


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