Video Vault of Retreat Preparedness

Hat tip to John Rourke at Modern Survival Online for graciously allowed me to share this massive video vault with our followers. This section deals with retreat preparedness and comes from the YouTube channel of southernprepper1. Enjoy.

Retreat Preparedness

Files related to all aspects of a survival & preparedness retreat – from defense and security to stocking with sufficient supplies.


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Below are many videos that come from a YouTube Channel – southernprepper1. Southerprepper1 places and emphasis on preparing for a WROL (without rule of law) situation and quite often focus’s on preparing for such an occurrence in a retreat. The information is vast and second to none.

Here are the southerprepper1 videos (oldest to newest):

Up to date as of 8/13/2011

Read the rest here


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2 thoughts on “Video Vault of Retreat Preparedness

  1. MI Patriot

    Southernprepper partners with Patriot Nurse for some of the videos on YouTube. She is as knowledgable about the medical side of prepping as he is about the WROL side of prepping. They both have great videos and they are easy to understand and interesting to watch. .


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