The Funk of Anonymity: Coming Out of the Closet

For almost a year now I’ve been in a funk about remaining anonymous in my writing due to my government teaching job. My perceived fears of the potential actions of my government boss is an affront to my principles of liberty and freedom. I’ve bounced this off of several people I respect. One being a retired teacher who was targeted for dismissal due to her non-conformist written views on public education. So much for freedom of speech. The slippery slope to tyranny we are on has made me realize my need to be honest with myself and my readers. As much as possible, I will maintain OpSec for our family in the tattle-tale culture in which we live.

My decision to reveal my identity will hopefully influence other individuals to take steps towards liberty, preparedness, and self-reliance. I’m fully aware of the collective’s ability for retribution. I’ll take those chances. It’s never been in my nature to bow and lick anyone’s boot. Therefore, I’m stepping out of the shadows and into the light. I can always use more vitamin D. We’ll see what happens.

Doing the stuff,

Todd Walker

AKA – Survival Sherpa

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11 thoughts on “The Funk of Anonymity: Coming Out of the Closet

  1. Durable

    Thanks todd. I relate.


    • Durable, I just left a comment on your site under the article on First Amendment Rights. Great article with power! I really appreciate your work. Write the book!


  2. TexasScout

    We must let TPTB, that we are REAL people, not just some suvivalist nut in his basement bomb shelter.


    William Albert
    Woodsboro Texas


    • Thanks William for the encouragement. It means a lot!

      I’m so ordinary…but awake! Just a simple family man who wants to be left alone.

      Keep doing the stuff,


  3. Karen

    I hope the best for you. I totally understand both sides of this coin.


    • Karen, thanks for the comment. At some point we all have to stand and be counted – for something. Truth is so dangerous, yet so freeing! I’ll keep ya posted.


  4. vikki

    I hope there isnt any fall out for you


  5. dvshears

    I don’t quite understand totally, but this is what will happen. You will get an e mail from me Debra Venable, an activist on probably not the right thing and fully unable to act upon my opinions, knowledge and education.

    I am new to you but I do read your column. I recently forwarded a Lew Rockwell publishing to a client of mine who is active and totally knowledgeable. She wrote back,screaming, that I should not forward untruths much less half truths. More or less, my interest in others’ opinions is worthless. Not to me, because I find my opinion meets a lot of others’ opinion and it makes me feel better. Not that that is proper, because I am sure my opinions, a lot of them referring to politics, are politically incorrect. I truly take that back, I am smart and I know the way it should be, I am incorrect because to the govt I mean nothing I follow Bill Maher and comedians because they have the right idea. Unfortunately, we, the public, know the right way to be, but we, the citizens, have nothing to say about it and if we do, it is ignored. Todd, I don’t think you will get vitamin D from posting and I would like to know what made you break your anononymity. Did you have an ah ha moment or a revealation. I am just curious. Anyway glad you are out. Debra Venable     Don’t put a wishbone where a backbone should be !



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