10 Reasons Why Building a Community is Key When Surviving Disaster

This is reprinted with permission from the author. It was originally posted over at The Home For Survival and at SHTFPlan.com. Thanks Survivor Mike! You can check out his blog regarding surviving disaster here.

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Picture the below Surviving Disaster scenario…

You’re living in your suburban home, CNN has just said that the stock market has dropped for the ninth day in a row and people are now racing to their banks to empty their accounts. Couple these with an unstable euro, an unstable Middle East and a worldwide economic recession and you get the start of the sh*t hitting the fan.

How does your neighborhood react to this?

Who in your neighborhood do you trust?

Now take that a step further and imagine a state of civil unrest. Homes nearby are being looted and undesirables are now common in your neighborhood. You have a weapon, but the occupants of your home include you, your wife, and your two small children. You have a front door, a backdoor, and the garage door. How do you cover all three much less the first floor windows?

What I’ve described above is the situation you will be faced with when the SHTF. So, do you need to build a community of liked-minded folks when the sh*t hits the fan? I believe there are 10 reasons why building a community is key when it all goes down.

1) Strength in Numbers

Being in a suburban area, I tend to worry about what will happen if looters run amok. I imagine when the SHTF, criminals will likely run in gangs. Those gangs will target individual homes for looting and potentially seek to oust the folks living there. They would target homes with a small number of occupants to make their raids that much easier.

So, to avoid being in their crosshairs, it would be optimal to be viewed as a large group. These criminals will have quite a few homes to choose from when things get tough and there is no sense in being an easy target. Remember, giving the perception of a large force is enough to deter those with bad intentions.

2) More Hands, More Work Done

Continuing with the theme of a group, the more folks in that group, the more workers you have. Those additional sets of hands will be able to help garden, cook, pack supplies, gather water, and hunt for food. While you will have to feed and care for those extra bodies, the work you get from them should more than make up for it.

I would much rather have 5 people foraging for food and supplies versus 1 as time will be of the essence.

3) Pre-planning

Knowing you’ll have a community of preppers allows you to be proactive with planning now. You can request your neighbors start preparing by gathering supplies, preparing their homes and getting their financials in order. You can even go as far as planning the homes you will use for what purpose. By having those families focus on particular areas of prepping, you can be sure you will be best prepared when the trigger event happens.

At the very least, having your neighbors prepared will prevent them from being a liability when things go south. The last thing you need is a needy “friend” eating into your families’ supplies.

4) Multiple Locations

Having multiple homes in a community provides several advantages. Besides the tactical advantage of defending yourself, you acquire additional space for supplies, including areas to prep them.

Additionally, you provide the sense of normalcy for the folks in the community. Utilizing one house as a mess hall could be a possibility. Having a house serve as a medical facility is another. You would almost be able to build a town within the community. You cannot underestimate the importance of helping with the psychology of the group trying to survive.

5) Additional Resource Network

Your neighbors will have different supplies, different tools, and especially different skills. That alone is a huge asset when attempting to survive in uncertain times. However, the resources we don’t think about are the various contacts they may have.  They may have an uncle who owns 10 shotguns. A cousin that has an RV for sale. A friend with access to critical medical supplies.

Each neighbor will have their own network of contacts that may come in handy. Those contacts become even more valuable when things get very tough. You may even choose to join a larger group that your neighbors will have paved the way by providing that connection.  We can be sure that we will need to be creative during difficult times.

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5 thoughts on “10 Reasons Why Building a Community is Key When Surviving Disaster

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  3. That is easy “There is power in numbers. the cross training of each others skill sets will build a solid foundation whenever a community resource is needed for one all all. practice it now barter amongst yourselves and so you can continue to meet your financial responsibilities partially barter with cash and a raw good and begin to brainstorm how your community can become totally independent from Food, Water, Medicine, Power, fuel, Waste management.
    Some Ideas:
    Food grow your own but as a group. preserve. let those that already possess this skill take the lead with a helper and one who will learn as you all.
    Water: Drill your own wells as well as having water catch systems in place and also remotely but in a way they can be both monitored and secured.
    Medicine: start learning herbal remedies and essential oils as a group learn different medical techniques. Poultices, splinting, compresses, salt baths, get printed material or print them from the net build your own local library and print hard copies for everyone Practice Practice Practice!!!
    Personal Hygiene: (Men, Women, Young and Old) oral hygiene, personal hygiene, Most of this can be also achieved herbally and with essential oils. You can make your own soaps with herbs or essential oils much better than the stuff you are buying now and at a fraction of the cost, Dental ; toothpaste and even clove essential oil diluted used for pain for a root canal or cracked or broken tooth and even gum care can be done with both herbal and essential oils. cooled thyme tea is better than listerine . and with a few drops of echinacea and peppermint can make an excellent tooth wash for brushing your teeth.

    This is just a few if you need help just email me and visit my blog to find out who I am and What type of training I have had for the past 40 years S.O.G.
    God Bless You All and Keep up the great work!
    Your friend always,
    The Herbal Survivalist


    • HS, really appreciate your helpful input and info. Like your info at your site. I’ve got a lot to learn about herbal remedies and … so much more stuff for resilient living.

      I look forward to reading and learning more from you and your site!


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