Freedom Outlaw and Hoarder of Light Bulbs

I first discovered Karen De Coster in February 2010. She’s a frequent contributor at and is solely responsible for ‘ruining’ my life by turning me on to the Primal lifestyle. Here’s a piece, shared with her permission, in the category of the-government-knows-what’s-best-for-you. Also a great picture of her shooting a BAR!

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Gawker Media Piece On Me

by Karen De Coster

Sunday, September 23, 2012

This article from Gawker media, which is centered on my opinions and writings about the incandescent light bulb banishment, appeared on Gizmodo on Thursday, September 20, 2012, complete with compare-and-contrast photos. Gizmodo is one of many weblogs of the parent company, Gawker media. I took no issue with doing the interview with this particular website on why the government’s ban on incandescent light bulbs is totalitarian, even though I had a gut feeling – very early on – that the author and/or editor would attempt to slam dunk me. And the author indeed attempted to do this, and only lightly so, but the straw man argument was not very successful.

In fact, the author and story editor had googled me and they came across what they thought to be an interesting pro-gun photo of me that was in contrast to the photo – me with some light bulbs – that I had supplied to them. I had no problem with them running the other photo, knowing that the slam dunk and photo reveal on their part would actually backfire very much in my favor.

First of all – to correct a few items from the article: the shorts I am wearing are not “daisy dukes,” as several observant folks pointed out on my Facebook page. They are 1970s-style, cut-off Levi shorts. Big difference. Additionally, the rifle I am holding is a BAR (Browning Automatic Rifle), not an “assault rifle.” My friend who owns the rifle notes that the BAR would not be considered an assault rifle because it fires a full-size .30-06 cartridge. The “assault rifle” designation, which is always used as a pejorative remark, is merely an old ploy to paint one as a lunatic who is doing something that is in opposition to the uninformed opinions of the compliant masses (gasp!) that prefer following the sheep over the cliff in order to be good little citizens of the state. Since my blog clearly sates, “eccentric in demeanor and opinion,” one can expect that I may have a hobby or two, along with a thought or two, which are not approved by the masses who worship the purveyors of conventional wisdom from their dutiful fiefdoms.

Also, I am not an “unofficial leader” of any movement to hoard incandescent light bulbs. I am a lone writer, with almost no “official” associations, who has stood as an independent writer/blogger/researcher for fourteen years. I write what I see, and that includes both research and facts, and my ensuing opinions and/or conclusions are presented in various formats – serious, critical, humorous, and/or satire.

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Karen De Coster, CPA is an accounting professional in Detroit, MI. She is a writer of libertarian stuff, Primal/Paleo lifestyle, food freedom, Austrian economics, destroyer of conventional wisdom, and is resisting tyranny one word at a time. She has archives at and Check her blog out here. You can also follow her on Twitter @karendecoster.


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2 thoughts on “Freedom Outlaw and Hoarder of Light Bulbs

  1. Re switching light bulbs…
    Karen De Coster is right, for many other reasons.

    Sure, people can save some on changing their most commonly used bulbs, although less than supposed, for reasons linked.
    But energy saving is not the ONLY reason to choose lighting you want to use – bright broad spectrum light quality and appearance as well as cheapness of regular incandescents are also advantages.

    Individual savings should not be confused with the marginal Society savings!

    A fraction of 1% US energy use on US Dept of energy stats, referenced below,
    and still not taking into account also referenced life cycle (manufacture, transport, recycling) etc data;
    and not considering that the major CO2 coal plant source effectively burn surplus coal at night anyway
    i.e. effectively same coal burned regardless of lighting used, also from newer “cycling” plants because the cost and difficulty of turning them down and up remains!
    (DEFRA, APTECH referenced)
    So the “every little helps” argument does not hold in practice either “The deceptive arguments in switching light bulbs”


    • Survival Sherpa

      Dr. Thornes,
      Thanks for your comments and work. You are right. Unrestrained intervention and forced compliance won’t fix us. The free market will. Cheers!


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