SHTF Shave: Kiss Disposable Razors Goodbye

by Todd Walker

SHTF Shave Kit matches my 1950’s bathroom tile

This isn’t on the top of any apocalyptic list-of-lists. And in the midst of Novembeard, why would I spend money on shaving equipment like my granddaddy used? Two reasons:

A.) Cool factor: Mention your close straight razor shave at the water cooler and get instant man-cred from the disposable razor co-workers. Be sure to remove all the bloody tissue dotting your face before bragging.

B.) Straight razors shave close and can be used to defend against sudden zombie attacks. Think redundancy my friend. Electric and plastic disposable razors have no proven stopping power on the non-dead.

Back up zombie slayer

C.) Sustainable. Well, three reasons then.

DRG and I were at a local antique shop yesterday and I spotted this shaving cup slammed with old-fashioned grooming utensils. With our budget tight, I almost passed. Impulse purchases have gotten me into trouble before. So I showed my treasure to DRG.

“Why don’t you get it?” she asked.

Hiding my childish excitement, I showed her the price. The tag read $25.00 for the whole kit.

“You should get it. You’ve looking for a straight razor for a while. That’s the whole set up!”

They fit nicely into my medicine cabinet above my sink. They look cool, too.

In exchange of 25 fiat dollars, I brought home my first grandpa shaving kit. Now I’m looking for a strop. Wet shaving with a safety razor or straight razor is a lost art. The internet is full of forums and sites solely dedicated to reviving this classic technique. I’m about to jump into one of the rabbit holes and try to figure it out. How hard can it be, right?

Unpacked. Notice the old pack of razors for the safety razor.

I’ll be posting an after-report once try this – if I don’t bled out.

American made shave brushes

Keep Doing the Stuff of Self-Reliance,


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12 thoughts on “SHTF Shave: Kiss Disposable Razors Goodbye

  1. Mary

    Todd, The back side of an old leather belt makes a perfect strop for a straight razor.


  2. john

    best shave youll ever have todd love my straight razor


  3. Great find! I’ve been using a cheater one. It’s shaped like a straight razor with replaceable blades. Until I find a deal like that!


    • I’ve seen the disposable types. I’m guessing they’re affordable. For mine, it’ll last forever…I hope. Could believe the price. Happy Novembeard my friend!


  4. Darlene

    I’m a soap maker and have a recipe for shaving soap…..would love to send you a bar for your kit. E-mail me!


  5. Email sent Darlene! I’d love to try your recipe on shaving soap. Looking forward to it 🙂


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  7. Are you still with us or have you cut your throat? LOL I just bought my first razor mid January 2013. It didn’t come sharp enough to shave with so I am looking for an ultra-fine stone to proceed.
    How was your first time? Any tips you can pass along? I would like to follow your blog!
    Thanks, Paul


    • Hi Paul, I haven’t bled out yet 🙂 I’m in the same boat with you. My straight razor needs some honing work too. I’ve used my strop but the edge needs more work on a stone.
      Welcome to our little corner of the net. I glad you’re following. We have a great group of Commentistas here that I learn from daily.


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