Survival S.O.P.’s

Many organizations develop Standard Operating Procedures. Have you developed your S.O.P.? Rourke shares how to over at Modern Survival Online.

Survival S.O.P.’s

by Rourke

In developing a Survival & Preparedness “System” – it is obviously important to think ahead. I mean, that is why we are all interested in preparedness is because we are concerned about what might happen in the future and are thinking, planning, and preparing now. Right?

SOP, standard operating procedure, survival

With this in mind – it is a good idea to come up with Standard Operating Procedures for different scenario’s. These are written procedures with steps on how something will be done as well as who will be doing them, and what will be needed to make it happen.

The benefits to written SOP’s include the following:

  1. The process of writing and reviewing them will often expose “holes” in the planning – enabling you to fix them now rather than possibly have to deal with them later.
  2. Increased communication and consistency among group members as all will be reading the same SOP – there should be no question as to who will do what, when and how.
  3. By being able to review these SOP’s frequently – the contents will become much more familiar to everyone. Should something happen it should not be necessary to pull out the SOP – rather it should be familiar to everyone so that the correct steps can be carried out. Basically – people will better know what to do and how to react with having SOP’s rather than not having them.

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