Are You a Desk Jockey? Stand and Deliver

My standing workstation in my classroom.

By Todd Walker

When I took a stand two years ago, I’ve never sat at my classroom desk again.

Research has shown prolonged sitting to be neither healthy or natural for us. I built my standing desk out of a throw away desk and some scrap plywood, added paint, and mounted it on top my sit down desk. Being on my feet all day wearing minimalist shoes while teaching, has helped my posture.

It’s rare that I’m behind my desk during class anyhow. However, when paperwork and bureaucratic pencil-pushing call, I stand and deliver – literally.

To refresh my mind and get my blood pumping, I knock out several sets of push ups behind my desk on my PVC DiY push up handles.

Easy and cheap PVC pushup bars

Easy and cheap PVC push up bars

Doing push ups outside in the sunshine is my favorite place. Time constraints and weather don’t always allow me to do so. These bars are sturdy and allow me to twist my wrists to a natural angle during exercises.

Oh, and here’s a closeup of the poster on my wall behind my standing workstation.

The Primal Blueprint Pyramid

The Primal Blueprint Pyramid

You’re turn to stand and deliver. Got any stuff you do to blend health and fitness into your daily work routine?




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6 thoughts on “Are You a Desk Jockey? Stand and Deliver

  1. I have started taking walks at break time to get away from my desk. I am tired of all of the damage that it has caused in my neck and back from the prolonged repetitive work that I am looking for a career change.


  2. I use leg weights when I’m walking around the classroom some times. Usually do a perimeter walk of the campus during my prep period when time and weather permit. Also downloaded a pedometer to my smartphone.


    • Walking outside is a great way to stimulate the mind and get fresh air. I sometimes take a walk in the woods behind my school during planning. I’ve held class out there before. Kids love it.


  3. SS's Sugarbear

    I stand at my desk all the time! I can feel it if I’ve sat down too much, I have to get up and walk around. I keep tea at my desk to make so I’m not resorting to the soda machine too.


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