What To Do If The Nightmare Becomes Reality?

by Todd Walker

I’ve waited all day trying to decide to post this or not. I don’t know what to think. So I’m putting it out there.

Last night I woke up in a panic. “It was only a dream,” I told myself.

The dream was real.  But could the terror in my dream materialize? I’m not a mystic or prophetic, but I do believe we should pay attention to dreams … and even nightmares.

It’s unusual for me to remember the details of a dream. In this one, I was horrified. Sweating. Agony. I don’t ever remember utilizing all 5 senses in a dream. Last night I could smell, feel, hear, taste, and see the detailed devastation.

It was a dark night of the soul experience.


TEOTWAWKI happened and I was caught with my pants down. Literally. It was like the scene from Schindler’s List where the Nazis were making their captives run around naked in the yard of the concentration camp. The older, weak, and less “useful” were sent to the furnace. Horrible!

The worst part about it was that I felt responsible somehow. I didn’t do enough.

DRG was ripped from my arms. Terror gripped me because I had no control. I couldn’t fight back the overwhelming numbers and force. “What would happen to our children, grandchildren, and expectant daughter-in-law,” I remember thinking.

Why am I sharing this miserable night? I’m not looking for an interpretation. The meaning is crystal clear to me.

Here’s what I took away from my twilight zone.

A.) Prepare now! You can take it as a warning or write it off as a dream from a crazy mind. Each of us are free to choose. The catch is that we can’t choose the consequences. Redouble your efforts in these areas.

  • Self-sufficiency skills. Increase your ability to acquire the basics – water, food, shelter, and security.
  • After the basics, begin to build resilience into systems like alternative energy, sustainable gardening/permaculture, and self-employment.

B.) Never give up your ability to defend yourself. Owning modern weaponry keeps the State in check, some what. Giving up your natural right to defend yourself from Enemies, Foreign and Domestic, leads to genocide. History is full of examples of the wholesale mass murder of disarmed subjects. Beware of lethal laws. Are you sure you’re not an enemy of the State? Are you on any lists?

C.) Build a strong relationship with your family, group, community, and God.

  • Find ways to add value.
  • Exchange value for value within your group and community.
  • Establish beneficial bartering relationships locally.

D.) Wake up. Don’t fall for the it-could-never-happen-here doublespeak. Read some history. Our government has engaged in civilian round-ups before… in the name of national security. And we willing traded liberty for security.

  • In 1941, President Franklin D. Roosevelt issued Executive Order 9066, which permitted the military to circumvent the constitutional safeguards of American citizens in the name of national defense. Over 120,000 Americans of Japanese decent were forced to leave their homes, livelihoods, and families with the stroke of a pen. About half of these prisoners were children. Source
  • President Andrew Jackson signed the The Indian Removal Act of 1830 which forced Native Americans to relocate to Indian Territory west of the Mississippi. It was spun as voluntary, but always remember that government equals force. Over 100,000 people were forced to follow the Trail of Tears. 15,000 died on the journey. Source

We don’t have to have this kind of nightmare to jolt us into action. World events and the poly-ticks are evidence enough to shift your prepping into overdrive.

Was my dream just a nightmare or a premonition?


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7 thoughts on “What To Do If The Nightmare Becomes Reality?

  1. It was great and good reading. It was really bad how they hurt so many people. The American Indians were to give up their land in 1830. The american Japenese Hadto give up everything and move into prison camps in 1941 somewhere. Theamerican Indians movedwestwhen the lost there land also lost fifteenthousand people in the process of the move. Did anyone really care. Just like Hitler, Stallin,Moa They didn’t care who died either

    Joe, Freedom Rider


  2. mariowen

    Your nightmare and my nightmare may very soon be our new normal. It is scary, but it has happened to so many good people in other countries – people who didn’t wake up till it was too late. We need to prepare for the worst case scenario, but we also need to come back to God. If we don’t we will be living our worst nightmare. God is the only one who can save us at this point.


  3. Being nude signifies a form of vulnerability. You are not prepared for this type of situation, and neither most of the population. The Indians, of course, were helpless, & vulnerable. Life changed for them forever. They were stripped naked, however, the destiny and condition of each soul continues to be a forever mystery. I believe in the Law of The Universe. I believe in the Law of God. It does not matter what anyone else around me thinks. When we are naked, all is taken from us, our homes, our families, our way of life. There is just you and the universe. What is left? Who or what will we bow down to then? We came into this world naked, we will leave naked. The embryo of life and death. It is in the in between that will determine our fate. National leaders each place upon themselves the responsibility of paving the path of destiny for its own people. Each soul, however, in our nakedness, pave our own spiritual path. This no-one can take from us. The new normal is “waiting for an event” but what and to what degree? The question is, how do we physically prepare? Your dream means prepare in your nakedness, because we are already vulnerable.


  4. Stephen

    Sorry for the late post on this but perhaps you were dreaming about Boston in advance of it happening???


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