Two Replies on the Art of Persuasion

by Todd Walker

Subtle nudges work best for some. For others, bright flashing headlines are needed. It all depends on the individual. Uncovering the best strategy is difficult. There’s no set formula in persuading others.

Sure, there are tips and tricks used by snake-oil salesmen. But we’re not selling secret elixirs.

If you’ve ever persuaded someone to begin prepping, however large or small the step, I’d like to hear from you for an upcoming article.


Here are two replies from yesterday’s post – with light editing from the comment section for easy reading.

Lee writes on history and faith in God:

In my mind, history is the most powerful and persuasive method of motivating people toward preparedness. History reveals that there are always conspiracies, there are always new wars, and disasters will eventually come. Nothing remains the same forever, history proves that we are always in a state of flux and that game will come.

If it is bad for you or the area where you live now, eventually things will change for the better. But if it is all good in your life and where you live, you can bet that eventually hard times will come.

How did our predecessors fare when the changes came and why? What families were best able to cope with that blizzard, that hurricane or that great earthquake? How did people survive major catastrophes in the past? I asked many of the generation who lived through the great depression here in Alabama how they coped with the hardship. Their answer was that they were so poor and lived off of the land anyway that they hardly even noticed the depression. They were already living in survival mode when the depression struck!

I found that those people lived their lives knowing that there next meal depended on God. It was He that gave rain and sunshine in the right proportions for their crops to grow and the harvest to be bountiful. One bad year and they would have starved! That bit of history tells me that if another such depression comes it will probably be the people who are already in survival mode that will be the least affected by it, and it will be those who trust God more than in themselves or in Governments who will ultimately survive.

History clearly shows that no one is guaranteed to survive any specific event, but those who have thought ahead and are better mentally, spiritually and physically prepared have the best chance of survival.

My own personal survival preparedness depends more on my faith in God than on my own skills and ability to prepare. I know that it is impossible to be prepared for every event, so I simply do what I can and what is reasonable and what seems prudent, then I trust God with the rest.

If I survive it will be because God willed it to be in the same way that my next breath will come. My life here was given by God and when the time comes it will be taken in and by His will. Those who depend only on themselves and their own abilities and preparations are doomed to failure.

Lynne writes on food insurance:

25 years ago, my brother-in-law preached doom-and-gloom, that the end times were coming. We laughed at him, thought he was cuckoo. As I’ve gotten “older and wiser”, I understand more of what he was saying.

Although I don’t openly show family my preps. If they see my food pantry and start asking me WTH, I’ll just offer some generic advice such as, “well, the paper industry (my hubby’s profession), is closing mills all over the country…he could lose his job next week, this is food insurance”. They don’t know about the weapons/ammo.


Maybe you could share how you got started prepping. Was it a single event, book, blog, or conversation? Leave your thoughts in the comment sections if you’d like.

Thanks for your help,


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6 thoughts on “Two Replies on the Art of Persuasion

  1. mari

    It was several years ago that my brother and sister-in-law began mentioning in a gentle way that we needed to put away some food. He was kind and patient, but persistent about it. I told him that I knew it was a good idea. We both saw what the state of this country was, and that it was headed to collapse short of a miracle. He would ask each time I talked to him what I had put away. I told him that I was trying to get a start but the next time we talked, I was no closer than I had been before. As he continued to open my eyes more and more, I finally realized that it was time to put up or shut up. So I began the journey.
    The more I really paid attention to the world around me – not only just the failing US, but the entire world, I became more and more convinced that things were in terrible shape world wide. I don’t think there is a lot of time left before we live in a country that is foreign for anything we know. It has gone too far to recover at this time and what we have to look forward to is pretty grim. On one hand, I see the necessity to prepare; on the other hand I see the corruption of our country coming to take away from us everything that we have worked and saved for. I don’t worry about the marauders nearly as much as I worry about our corruption in the government. As a patriot, conservative Christian, I have gone from being an upstanding, loyal citizen to being a terror suspect in their eyes. I realize that all my struggles to put something away may be for naught, but I have to do the best I can. I read the history of Joseph in the Bible and I have used him as an example of a Godly, wise man who used good judgment and followed God explicitly, do all that was told him to do, and was rewarded for it – not only he and his family, but the entire country and all the countries around them benefited. Wisdom comes from God alone and I ask Him to give me all that I need to be an upstanding part of my community and country. With His protection and help, I will try to do all in my power to be a Joseph.


    • Mari, I’ve seen the whole hammer over the head method. It doesn’t work for me. I just want to be left alone and I’ll do the same for others.
      I think a lot of people have found success in the gentle nudge like your brother. Seeing things around us that doesn’t “set right” in our gut begins to gnaw inside, urging action.

      As far as being a Joseph, I don’t see that as my role. I’m trying to prepare my family and close friends and neighbors. That’s a bit to much for me. Not saying He can’t change my mind. But not seeing that being my role.

      Thanks for sharing!


  2. lynne

    what first got me started in prepping was, yes, Doomsday Preppers. i know, i know…there are nutcases on the show, but it helped make me a little more aware of what is going on in our world. next, i started reading blogs about the subject, and am currently instilling the LDS approach for food storage.
    i feel God has blessed my husband and i with the ability to store up, so that we can help our family members who don’t feel the urgency we do.
    self reliance is our ultimate goal, and someday we hope to live off-grid. the way things are going, we may not have the opportunity to do so. but, we trust that God is ultimately in control, and He knows the final outcome.


  3. I love Lee’s perspective. It is similar to my own. I read a quote (maybe it was on here recently?): “Knowledge weighs nothing.” I LOVE that quote. It is similar to Cody Lundin’s philosophy of “the more you know the less you need”. I am concerned about confiscation or some other destruction of our food storage so I have been learning over the past few years how to “eat the weeds” — next up is the hands on experience of hunting/fishing and making shelter/fire. I don’t feel the impending doom like I used to but as my homeschooled boys are growing into what I call the “golden years” of childhood we can do more to learn those primitive skills that could be vital even if the S doesn’t hit the fan — like if they get lost in the wilderness on a camping trip. We teach our boys that if something bad happens that their first responses should be to simultaneously run to safety and pray for God’s protection.


    • You’re on target with your boys. Any skills they learn and practice become habits. Plus it’s lots of fun doing the stuff with the kids. Great family times.


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