3999 OMG Reasons to Read This

A big hat tip to Survivalist Daily for this OMG find! If you want some information-overload (in a good sense), check out…

3999 Free Survival & Prepping Guides All In One Place

3999 free survival reports, guides and pdfs

Here’s the original over at Pole Shift Survival Information.

If you haven’t already started to organize hard copies of value adding information, I highly recommend the investment. What will you do if your tablet or computer can’t be powered up to access all the info we take for granted today?

I dug out two 3-ring binders a few weeks ago at our cabin to bring home. I found articles 5 and 6 years old that I had squirreled away. We all forget stuff. That’s why creating an organized preparedness binder is so important.

Here’s a great tutorial by Jamie over at Prepared Housewives.

Keep doing the stuff,



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