Certainty: The Perfect Prepping Poison

by Todd Walker

We all expect a certain amount of certainty in our lives. The bad news is that the universe toys with us.

Certainty, like security, is an illusion. If you’re thinking those preps you’ve got stored away will insulate you from disaster, you’ve obviously never experienced Murphy’s Law.

  • Murphy’s Original Law – If there are two or more ways to do something, and one of those ways can result in a catastrophe, then someone will do it.
  • Murphy’s Law – If anything can go wrong — it will. 
  • Murphy’s First Corollary – Left to themselves, things tend to go from bad to worse.
  • Murphy’s Second Corollary – It is impossible to make anything foolproof because fools are so ingenious.
  • Quantized Revision of Murphy’s Law – Everything goes wrong all at once.
  • Murphy’s Constant – Matter will be damaged in direct proportion to its value.
  • The Murphy Philosophy – Smile… tomorrow will be worse.

I’ll put a pot of coffee on. It’s time to sober up. You’re drunk on the perfect prepping poison.

Even building redundancy into your preps – two is one, one is none – isn’t always enough. See Quantized Revision of Murphy’s Law above.

The power of uncertainty

Uncertainty powers your preparedness. You know hard times have hit the fan for many people. That single mom down the street just lost her job. The plant shut down as the talking heads babble on about an economic ‘recovery’ on the TV screen.

It’s tempting to buy their snake oil. It’s peddled daily with thousands of sound bites to keep the herd from stampeding. But you’re smart. You recognize true lies. Like their Federal Reserve Notes, their safety-net promises aren’t worth the paper they are printed on or the lying lips they come from.

What’s a smart prepper like you to do?

Allow uncertainty to be your motivation!

Maybe you’re thinking…

“I’d like to start a home business to escape the cubicle world, but I’m not certain it would succeed.”

“If I knew I wouldn’t fail, I’d start homesteading.”

“I’d home school my child, but I’m not certain I know enough to teach him.”

“If I knew I could kick that habit for good, I would try.”

“I’d sling a stone at the giant’s head, if I was certain of my aim.”

“I’m certain I can’t lose 50 pounds. Obesity runs in my family.”

“I’d write that book if I were certain it’d be a best-seller.”

“I’d embrace uncertainty if I was certain it would help.”

Go ahead. Learn to love uncertainty. It lights your fire, sparks creativity, challenges conventional wisdom, engages your right-braininess, builds resilience, rewards risk, creates curiosity, stretches you boundaries, and makes you fail at times. But that’s the only path to learning, freedom, growth, and self-sufficiency.

Uncertainty is a two-edged sword cutting both ways. It can deliver a paralyzing wound to the faint of heart, or motivate you keep doing the stuff.

What if we all saw uncertainty as our greatest ally?

We’d find better ways to grow more nutrient dense food, start micro businesses, resist tyranny, use technology to our advantage, learn new skills, and liberate our lives. Consume less, produce more.

Certainty is a poison. Uncertainty is our antidote.

I’m certain you’ll agree.

What are you certain about? Leave you thoughts in the comment section, please.


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