Random Acts of Prepping

by Todd Walker

Prepping is an intentional, deliberate act.

Then there are times when we do random stuff that turns into an act of prepping.

Dirt Road Girl and I like new stuff, as long as it’s old. Antique shop owners know us by name – or at least by our faces. Our taste in decor is what we call, Hillbilly Industrial. A mix of eclectic industrial art, old school artisan stuff, and useful shiny things fill our home. DRG is the mastermind behind it all.

Our latest random find – an old kraut cutter. Now we’re legit. We’ll use it on our next batch of Down and Dirty Sauerkraut. 

sauerkraut cutter

Our ‘new’, legit kraut cutter ready to go. It’s adjustable, too!

We’ve always used the food processor but were not pleased with the size of the kraut.

On to the purpose of this post…

Random Acts of Prepping

Preppers have been spun by the media (and other illegitimates) as a bunch crazy conspiracists living underground in bunkers hoarding food, water, and ammo. There’s a few that fit this stereotype. But the vast majority are normal, everyday common folk from all walks of life.

I’ve been on both the receiving and giving end of random acts of kindness prepping. I’ve received homemade soap, books, blogging advice, recipes, tips, ideas, equipment, scoby, and other stuff in my mailbox from good, salt of the earth type people – all from fellow preppers.

Random acts of prepping is ‘random acts of kindness’ on steroids. It’s a deliberate act attempting to encourage others to be better prepared. In the face of uncertainty, you’re making a stand for preparedness with simple, random acts.

There comes a time when we all need a nudge to keep doing the stuff. Do not underestimate the impact of random acts of prepping. It could be the catalyst for your neighbor to begin their journey to preparedness.

Here are some tips for carrying out random acts of prepping (RAP). I know, the acronym is what it is. Sometimes it works out that way 🙂

1. Perform RAP with no expectation of anything in return. The receiver benefits, you’re encouraged, and the act gets paid forward. The reward for you is found in the giving.

2. Send a hand written note ~ anonymously. In this day of electronic mail, personal notes stand out.

3. Respect privacy. Many preppers want to stay anonymous. If you’re online friends, ask if there’s a way to send something physically. Share your personal info at your own discretion. I’m sure I’ll catch flack on this one.

4. Start at home. RAP is a great way to build local, ‘real’ people relationships. Neighboring matters.

5. For preparedness bloggers, we really like readers sharing random ideas, tips, and stories. Don’t be shy to ask and engage with folks you follow. If you enjoy their work, let ’em know. You’ll brighten their day.

6. Fan the flame. Just like random acts of kindness, RAP is contagious and inspires others.

Do a random act of prepping for someone today. Spread the word.

By the way, this is a manly skill, guys. Shock somebody with your RAP! Be kind and leave your RAP ideas in the comments, please.

Doing the stuff -> randomly,





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10 thoughts on “Random Acts of Prepping

  1. I loved the spin you did on “random acts of kindness/prepping” A lot of times when I do RAP expecting nothing in return, those times seem to be when I get the most! You are a great example of RAP!


  2. I sneaky prep my “neighbors” by offering a variety of “homesteading” classes such as canning, making yogurt from scratch, making soap from scratch (although I haven’t figured out how to make lye water from hardwood ashes!), kombucha-making, how to raise chickens, etc. Most of these are free. I’ve made so many good friends by doing this. I had no one to teach me when I wanted to learn. I think of myself as a Titus 2 woman; I want to be the change I wish to see in the world 🙂


    • Wow! You’re a busy mama! You’re neighbors are fortunate to have you near. I’ve read that lye from ashes is a tricky thing. Some batches come out stronger than others and visa versa. I’m sure you’ll perfect your technique 🙂

      You are the change, Crunchy!


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