A Brag Post to ALL You Sherpas Doing the Stuff!

Dirt Road Girl and I want to do a little bragging today. Not on us. On YOU, our faithful readers and followers who keep Doing the Stuff day in and day out!

Pathway to Preparedness

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We started this blog with a vision of helping each other on our journey to preparedness and self-reliance. With every step on our climb together we’ve met folks like you from all over who are passionate about doing the stuff to build a self-sufficient lifestyle.

YOU are the object of this brag post! YOU have helped build this blog and continue to add value to our lives and our Sherpa tribe. So congrats to YOU for being ranked in the top 50 on The Best Prepper Websites!

I really don’t understand all the numbers and ranking criteria. Doesn’t matter. It’s an honor to stand with y’all on this list!

The Best Prepper Websites

Site Name
Alexa Traffic Rank
1 SHTF Plan 18,639
2 Survival Life 30,827
3 Survival Blog 33,946
4 The Homestead Survival 37,792
5 The Survival Podcast 44,534
6 The Survivalist Blog 44,859
7 The Survival Doctor 53,327
8 Backdoor Survival 61,772
9 Modern Survival Blog 62,069
10 Urban Survival 62,841
11 The Ready Store Blog 72,905
12 Off Grid Survival 106,532
13 The Survival Mom 113,557
14 Survival Cache 117,746
15 Prepper Website 120,465
16 Knowledge Weighs Nothing 128,422
17 Survivalist Daily 154,573
18 Ready Nutrition 158,743
19 Advanced Survival Guide 198,649
20 Modern Survival Online 203,295
21 Survival And Beyond 203,498
22 The Prepper Journal 206,386
23 reThinkSurvival 215,678
24 My Family Survival Plan 232,640
25 Preparedness Pro 241,192
26 American Preppers Network 247,946
27 Doom And Bloom 253,201
28 The Doomsday Moose 267,298
29 Simply Canning 271,641
30 The Apartment Prepper’s Blog 275,821
31 ATEP Emergency Preparedness Blog 287,594
32 Armageddon Online 294,272
33 The Backyard Provider 299,954
34 Survival Monkey 325,654
35 Tactical Intelligence 329,810
36 Essential Survival 338,575
37 Willow Haven Outdoor 351,711
38 Prepared Christian 352,184
39 Survival Spot 389,465
40 Total Survivalist Libertarian Rantfest 432,583
41 TEOTWAWKI Blog 437,991
42 SHTF School 455,637
43 Survial Sherpa 486,083
44 The Home For Survival 489,865
45 Prepared Housewives 536,092
46 Prep-Blog 547,053
47 SHTF Blog 549,070
48 Prepper Podcast Radio Network 551,442
49 Food Storage and Survival 570581
50 Survival Kit Blog 571302

Keep doing the stuff!


P.S. ~ As always, if anything from this site adds value to your life, please pass it on. You can also connect with us on TwitterPinterest, and our new Facebook pageThanks for sharing the stuff!

Copyright Information: Content on this site (unless the work of a third-party) may be shared freely, in part or whole, with a link back to this site crediting the author. If you are interested a third-party article, please contact the author directly for republishing information.

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7 thoughts on “A Brag Post to ALL You Sherpas Doing the Stuff!

  1. rcasuso@aol.com

    Way to go Todd

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  4. Love it! Congrats!!!


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