Raising the Bar of Resilience by Doing the Stuff

by Todd Walker

When do you know when to raise the bar on Doing the Stuff?

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Maybe you have a gut feeling. Or, by paying attention, you begin to realize that a rain barrel system may one day be more important for your family than the designer outfit at your local mall. Or you wake up to the fact that there’s a disconnect between all the fun and interesting preparedness articles online and actually Doing the Stuff. Or your I’ll-get-around-to-it got up and left.

Whatever the reason for not raising our personal bar on preparedness (I’m guilty too), let this short post serve as a friendly reminder/challenge to lift the bar up a notch.

What we value is defined by the action we take to obtain and keep stuff. If you value your relationships, you’ll act to spend time and energy to ensure they thrive. If you value money, you’ll act to earn and keep money. If you value being prepared, you’ll act and start Doing the Stuff!

If we stop raising the bar on our preps, do we really value prepping and self-sufficiency?

Here’s the thing…

We’re all caught up in the busy life. Doing the Stuff of preparedness sometimes gets pushed to the side by what others say we should value. That’s why it’s so important to re-focus our actions. Remember – our actions determine our values.

What do you value?

In other words, what actions are you taking to build resilience and preparedness?

Drop us a line in the comments if you’d like to share how you’re Doing the Stuff!

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Keep doing the stuff!


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3 thoughts on “Raising the Bar of Resilience by Doing the Stuff

  1. Chewylouie

    This weekend I am taking my “gear bag” (bug out bag?) camping to practice some of the things I have learned. I also built a “Hobo stove” to put in there and tested it yesterday. I am also going hunting this weekend, something that I do a lot, but you can’t be too good at gathering food. 🙂 I have also been working on fixing some tools and planting a garden.


    • Chewy, please give us a report on your outing! Glad to hear you’re doing the stuff with your gear and skills. That’s the only way to know if things (and us) will work and handle the stresses of real world testing.

      Good luck with your hunting and adventures!



      • Chewylouie

        Trip went well. Didn’t shoot anything, but got really close. Them squirrels were every where but there was always a reason (safety of other hunters, just out of range…). Busted up a beaver dam. Gear and skill tests went good. I out did a propane torch at fire starting. Hobo stove worked like a charm. Did a lot of hiking through really rough terrain (a swamp to be exact). Good productive trip.


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