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Here is our list of bloggers who I’ve come to know and trust who maintain high standards, write original, value-adding content, and are personally Doing the Stuff. If you’re a blogger who has traded theory for action, please submit your request to be added so we can get to know you and the stuff you’re doing. Getting […]

Regular Folk Taking the Doing The Stuff Challenge

by Todd Walker Inspiration comes from perspiration. Thought I’d share a few of our fellow Sherpa’s projects. 1.) Crunchy Mama shared with me that her son has begun making paracord survival bracelets. He’s a little entrepreneur. I’ve offered to send her a paracord jig that makes creating bracelets very easy. (Sorry, I don’t have permission to […]

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Feral Food: Maxing Out on Milkweed Pods

Editor’s note: Crunchy Mama‘s wild food adventures continues. For those unfamiliar with this feral food, it has so many other virtues. Not only is it edible, it makes great cordage, stomach tonic, and candle wicks.  “A weed is a plant whose virtues have not yet been discovered.” ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson DISCLAIMER: This information is offered for educational […]

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A Board Game That Could Save Your Life

As a teacher, the importance of play in learning cannot be overstated. Sadly, we’re not allowed to have fun in government schooling anymore. Interest-led learning is out – Procrustean bed style schooling is practiced. The Crunchy Mama’s review of Wildcraft! reverses the notion that learning is boring. Whether you’re into survival and preparedness or not, […]

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Are You a Prisoner to Your SHTF Plan?

by Todd Walker It’s trendy to forecast and prognosticate TEOTWAWKI and other SHTF events.   Image credit We need to know what’s coming so we can make a plan to survive the event. Here’s the hitch: they’re rarely right. And even if they are right, will our plan save us? Every time I hear of […]

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For Blogger Eyes Only: How to be Helpful without the Hype

by Todd Walker Of course you’ve seen these… We interrupt your limited, valuable time for “our biggest sale ever!” Image credit You’re bombarded daily with blogs and companies begging requesting that you like, follow, subscribe, click, and pin. If you don’t, you may not survive. Like sex, fear sells. Shock and awe marketing is nothing new. […]

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Purslane: A Prolific Prepper Powerhouse

Crunchy Mama, a regular guest contributor here, shows you how to get your omega-3 fatty acids without eating fish oil capsules and having fish breath. Good information to know and practice before and after a SHTF event. DISCLAIMER: This information is offered for educational purposes only. Do your own due diligence before foraging wild edibles […]

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Fermented Foods: Feeding Your Second Brain

by Todd Walker There are 10 times more bacteria in your gut than total cells in your body. All those microscopic critters can either help or hurt. For thousands of years humans have used this ancient method to extend the usefulness of food. The Greeks called it ‘alchemy.’ Not the kind where you’d attempt to change base metals […]

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Free Feral Food ~ The Missing Link in Prepper Pantries

by Todd Walker Before the advent of agriculture 10,000 years ago, our ancestors hunted and gathered feral food. The plants they foraged contained phytonutrients absorbed through the ground, sun, moon, and air. Before you click away to search for a conventional way to obtain vital nutrients to supplement your pantry, you need to know the benefits foraging […]

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Wood Sorrel: A Vitamin C Rich Wild Food

Crunchy Mama, one of our guest contributors, serves up another wild food you should add to your hunt-gather-eat list. Be sure to check out her bio at the end of the post on how she and her family are doing the stuff! DISCLAIMER: This information is offered for educational purposes only. Do your own due diligence […]

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