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20 thoughts on “Contact Info

  1. I think you are awesome and love reading your posts! DRG w/ bling!



    I read your article on coconut oil and was wondering where I could find some recipes for the 160 reasons. Thanks. Dave


    • Good question Dave. You can do a online search for recipes with coconut oil and get tons of info for cooking. CO is such a utility player beyond the kitchen. You imagination is your only limitation. Let me know what you come up with.


  3. Greetings Survival Sherpa,

    I saw you would like to add you as a business connection on LinkedIn

    My company, In Spokane, manufactures Hot Water Stored Energy Systems which can burn most anything to generate virtually unlimited hot water or for hot water heating.

    I thought you might have a real interest the appliance for heating and hot water. Just check it out. I will not pursue a sale – it would sell itself.

    I want you to know that I will not spam you; I only wish for you to know about the appliance as a person who could have a real interest.



  4. the answer is D it states as I was headed to st Ives not we! I would like to find about 40 to 50 people to join me on my ranch. how can I do it????????????????


  5. Robert Bristow

    I am reponding in terms of what is going on here in Catawba, NC…still have green beans
    , collards, peppers, herbs and lettece in my seven raised beds


  6. ron

    like checking out the site, usefull information, thanks


  7. Poison Ivy Here at No Rein’s farms we make and sells Jewelweed Salve and soap and it’s awesome! check out our ebay feedback (7years worth) our member name is Jewelweed44 I can send you some samples for you and your staff to try out Once you use jewelweed you will Never fear the woods again! I Promise…well it doesnt stop bears or bigfoot…but No More poison ivy worries!


  8. Ernesto

    Thanks Suvival Sherpa for sharing your knowledge, i took the first stap.
    Greets from Amsterdam in Holland.


  9. Ron

    Todd… Really like your website. I also have been to have Dave Canterbury’s Pathfinder Classes, loved it!!! Anyway, I noticed the belt you were wearing in a few of your pic’s. Doesn’t look like it has a hook or holes – which is what I’m looking for. Where did you get yours? Thanks for any help you can give me and keep up the good work on your website… Thx!


    • Thanks Ron! Glad to have another PF alum among us. I made the ring belt myself. Got the leather from Tandy. Love this thing. It fits all my belt kit and knife. Comes in real handy when wearing my wool hunting shirt. Don’t have to dig for my belt knife underneath.


  10. Ron

    Thx Todd! I’ll be starting this project right away. Also, will you be attending the PF Intermediate class? Looks like they have one scheduled in Sept 2015… If so, I’ll see you there. Thanks again brother!


    • I haven’t checked their schedule yet. Was hoping to get that one in Spring and Advanced maybe in the fall. Planning on going to the Gathering this summer too. Would love to meet up with someday for sure, brother!!


  11. Ron

    Todd… Nice job on the fire in the rain!!! We all know how funny fire can be, especially in the rain.

    Ron (Pathfinder Alumni)


  12. Jim M

    Hey Todd-
    First I’d like to thank you for all ur efforts in putting up all the posts u do. It’s a great resource i learn some cool stuff every time.
    I’d also like to offer my sincerest condolences for ur brother. I wish I had some terrible thing I could say to u that would make u feel better. I just lost my dad, and I now realize that nothing anyone has said to me actually made me feel any better.
    All I can offer is that it will get a little better in time. What gets me the most is when I see, hear or read something and I say to myself “o, I’ll have to remember to tell dad about that”. But even that is beginning to get better.
    Todd, I wish u a peaceful journey as u work though this emotional roller coaster. Enjoy the great memories u must have and cry when u need to.
    All the best,


    • I appreciate you thoughts and words, Jim! Loss is part of life. It just doesn’t make it easy. Hate to hear about your dad. Having family and friends as support is what gets us through this time.

      Again, thank you!


  13. Just bought my breadsac for $2 in a local thrift shop in Fairplay, CO.. . so wonderful and works well attached to my bike! Thank you for writing about this treasure…


  14. Linda kirk

    Hi I am looking for plane tree leaves and sycamore leaves to infuse in hot water to help pain in my right knee, due to osteo arthritis. My friend I. Turkey said this is good. I cannot take anymore prescribed painkillers they don’t work and are making me I’ll. I live in Scotland but local herbalists have never heard of this. Please help. Thank you


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