7 Crazy Reasons Why Most Americans Think Prepping Is A Stupid Idea

I have a fear of ventilation. Not the kind in my home HVAC unit. The kind from lead passing through my body. I had a friend who was ventilated by some grudge-holding thug. Apparently, this idiot wanted to get even for a business deal that went south. So he chased my friend through the bays of his car wash shooting at him. Luckily, he was only armed with a .22 revolver. Fortunately, only his love handles got ventilated. After recovering, my buddy began making a plan to never get caught unable to defend himself.


Tabacco Smoke Enema

This may be painful for some. It won’t be as painful as the tobacco smoke enema shown above.

Why do so many Americans refuse to prepare for worst case situations? Or better yet, why do they not even prep for potential everyday emergencies? You’ve seen them pass you on their donut tire at 67 miles an hour heading to the 7-11 to get their winning lotto ticket. I’m sure with all their winnings they’ll be able to prepare for TEOTWAWKI.

Being prepared doesn’t take huge financial windfalls. So why do so many people think it’s a stupid idea to be prepared? Here’s my list.

A) Peer Pressure. Remember school days? Who wants to be standing outside looking in on the popular group? We all want to feel important and part of a group. We’re social animals. The group we associate with can determine our future.

My daddy always told me, “If you lay down with dogs, you’ll get up with fleas.” If you hang out with prepared individuals, you’re likely to become more prepared. [Warning: Avoid pretend preppers, mall ninjas, and opportunists. Only discuss preparedness with trusted friends]. As prepping goes more mainstream, many in the media portray preppers as crazy, racist, isolationist, anti-everything survivalist. None of us want that label. Practice OPSEC (Operational Security). There’s always a few fringe types in any group that make media salivary glands wet. The new growth to the prepper movement is fueled by “normal” people like soccer moms, taxpaying business owners, and law-abiding folk. I have no research on this last statement – just what I see on social media and other outlets.

B) Government Schools. My day job is to teach at a local school government indoctrination center. I started blogging about government schooling at my other blog The Education Vigilante back in December 2011. There you’ll find a school teacher’s case against public ‘education.’ I’ve made it my job to destroy government teachology, one mind at a time. My advice to any preparedness minded parent of school aged children: AVOID GOVERNMENT SCHOOLS NO MATTER THE COST! Government schools manage ignorance for profit. If you’d like, you can read more here and here. Government schooling fools only those who want to be fooled.

Preparedness and survival requires self-reliance and the ability to think for yourself. The State forces kids to spend their most formative 12 years (16+ including college) learning how not to learn, but conform. Finding learning in government schools is as hard as finding a corner in a round room. A quarter of their lives circle the toilet bowl taking the path of least resistance to the collective’s sewage plant to be recycled and made “safe” and useful tax-payers.

Parent choices greatly increase or decrease their kid’s survivability. So what’s the solution for educating prepared individuals? Homeschooling may seem impossible. Both parents have to work to keep the family feed, clothed and sheltered. It comes down to our priorities. What “important” stuff can we kick to the curb to rescue our kids from government gulags and offer them a real education? I can’t answer that for you. Humans are individuals with unique situations. One size does not fit all. Homeschool, unschool, anything but government school.

C) Dependence. We’ve abandoned our roots. Due to reason # (B), our history is intentionally distorted. I often ask kids to tell me about historical figures and events like Abraham Lincoln, the War of Northern Aggression, or more recently – the Federal Reserve. As to Lincoln and the unCivil War, kids today are taught that Lincoln invaded the south to free the slaves. While I abhor the concept of someone owning another person, I know that Lincoln didn’t care about slaves being freed. Follow the money.

When my ancestors stepped off a boat in 1735, there was no free lunch or welcome basket full of government goodies. dependence on their own ability, family, and immediate like-minded friends started my family journey in America. Their self-reliant skills didn’t insulate them from set-backs and calamities. The find-a-way-to-get-the-job-done attitude is what helped me and my family survive to this point. Thankfully, I’m part of the remnant of self-reliance left in our country. When their Katrina-style disasters hit, communities rebuilt without the help of FEMA. This spirit of pioneering one’s own life has been traded for dependence. Even after natural and man-made disasters, I’m amazed at the false hope Americans place in our government’s ability to sweep in for the rescue. It’s a stupid idea most Americans hold.

D) MBM (Morally Bankrupt Morons). “All I need is guns and ammo to survive. When the SHTF, I’ll just take what I need.” I’ve read this statement, or similar sentiments on many preparedness/survival forums. Do they think that the very people they plan to plunder are not able and ready to defend their personal property?

I saw an episode of Doomsday Preppers where one in their group stated that they don’t buy weapons and ammo. Their plan, when the armed  horde of hungry looters show up, is to show them all their food and offer more if they leave them unharmed. Maybe some MBM’s will live to loot another day. I wouldn’t place my hopes of survival in this strategy. It only speeds up natural selection via ventilation.

E) Nationalism. Arrogance leads to a fall. It could never happen here. This is America! We’re the envy of the world. I’m convinced that this is the thinking of the mentally ill – or the historically illiterate. I hear the disdain coming from ‘educated’ folk all the time. I think they suffer from altitude sickness in their ivory towers. Totalitarianism happens one step at a time. As long as we are allowed to wake up in our homes, drink our coffee, go to work, watch our TV programs, rinse and repeat, tyranny becomes routine. Vigilance dies. It’s frog-boiling 101. Gradually heat the pot of water and the frogs don’t jump out.

I love my country. I love my freedom more. Humility and honesty seem to be lost traits. I hope that there are enough people waking up to help rebuild our crumbling republic. Sheep never think the wolf will visit.

F) Mental Enslavement. With enough time, falling water can cut through rock. Is what we call ‘freedom’ really freedom? Many in the patriot movement call themselves “freedom lovers” yet accept tyranny as normal. We’ve all heard the battle cry of patriot-lite types. You’ll have to pry my guns from my cold dead fingers! No worries. The State will gladly oblige. Yet, the water fall of tyranny continues to eroded our liberties. It’s like watching a catastrophic train wreck in slow motion.

“Necessity is the excuse for every infringement of human freedom.” – William Pitt

We have as much freedom and liberty as the State, our rulers, give us permission to enjoy. To realize and enjoy our natural rights, we must free our minds. Stop listening to talking heads. Free you mind. And I don’t mean just the liberal main stream media. I use to listen to conservative talk radio religiously. I can’t stomach the party line talk anymore. Some pundits distinguish themselves as conservative, not republican. Liberal vs. conservative, Democrat vs. Republican. They are just different sides of the same liberty-destroying coin. Flip the coin to choose your master.

Ancient Chinese proverb: “The beginning of wisdom is to call things by their right names.”

Here are few links to get you started on the path of freedom:

Starving the Monkeys


Strike The Root

Whiskey & Gunpowder

Top Libertarian Websites

G) Stifled Self-government. Critical thinking is dead (See # F). Passivity is encouraged, even demanded. Habits form us. We prefer  our guardians of darkness. It hides our secret need for fake security. We are addicted to our velvet chains. The principles of non-aggression and self-ownership have been systematically eradicated. Most Americans favor State coercion over individualism and self-reliance skills. Voluntary relationships between free individuals is no longer viewed as common sense. Our State monopoly on schooling crusades for government dependence and even sites individualism as a mental disorder. Rejecting government dogma invites the use of ‘legal’ force, or the threat of force, to reform rebellious subjects of the State. We have to get over ourselves and our dependency on government ‘safety’ nets. That is, if we want to be self-reliant. Breaking the addiction sometimes comes step-by-step. Sometimes it’s cold turkey that works. We’re all different. Do what works for you. Don’t wait. Take one step towards preparedness each day. What physical, mental, spiritual, emotional prep steps did you make today?

So much is riding on you fellow preppers. Free you minds!


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Security in the Suburbs

Building your tribe and community is important to surviving tough times. Tess Pennington gives good advice below.

Security in the Suburbs

Tess Pennington
Ready Nutrition
May 2012

If you live in suburbia, security starts from the inside out.  Your home should be a fortress, although not so blatantly that it catches the attention of casual passers-by, making them wonder, “What’s in there?”  Some simple updates can harden your domicile against intruders.

  1. Doors should be sturdy and steel core.  The frame around the door is equally important.  Even the strongest door will not hold up to a determined intruder if it is seated in a flimsy frame.  Look for a sturdy steel door-jam. Always use at least 3 inch screws to anchor the components of your door and its frame.
  2. Install hardware for a door bar.  Envision the bars reinforcing doors in medieval castles or on barns.  By installing brackets into studs on either side of doors to the exterior of the house, you can have a bar that goes across the door from side to side.  The bar can be a very heavy piece of wood, or it can be iron or another metal. Unless you are in a high crime neighbourhood, this barricade would not be necessary under normal situations.  However, during a SHTF scenario, it will make your doors virtually impenetrable without the aid of a battering ram with a team of burly men behind it.
  3. Secure your windows.  Particular attention should be paid to windows on the ground floor.  Install a sturdy piece of wood cut to fit so that the window cannot be raised from the outside.  Consider coating windows with a shatterproof film.  Keep valuables out of sight from the windows.  If your door has a window in it, or if it has sidelights, a piece of decorative metal grid work can easily be screwed in over the window, making it impossible for an intruder to break the window and reach through to unlock the door.

Once you’ve made the house itself more difficult to penetrate, concentrate on making it less appealing to criminals.  They do not want to draw attention to themselves and will pass by homes that look more difficult to access.

  1. Install motion lights around the perimeter of your home.  If they are solar-powered they will also work in a SHTF and grid-down scenario.
  2. Practice defensive landscaping.  Use thorn-bearing plants around your home to make ground floor windows less vulnerable to access.
  3. Install cameras.  Even fake cameras give criminals the feeling they are “being watched” – just make sure they are the kind with a light on them.
  4. Beware of dog.  People who don’t have a furry friend can still make use of this tactic by posting signs on their property.  Criminals are looking for easy targets – fending off a growling canine can be dangerous for them and also draws attention to them.  Often, they will choose a different home to rob based on this factor alone.
  5. Fence your yard.  Enclosing your entire property with a fence is a deterrent.  Doorbells and cameras can be installed at the gate, giving you a safer distance from those who come to your home.  This added layer of distance can make a home invasion-style attack far more difficult to perpetrate.  If the top of the fence is “decoratively” spiked, it serves to make it difficult for someone to jump or climb the fence.

Don’t forget the importance of community in a SHTF or disaster scenario. To survive a shtf-situation, it will take a group effort. The neighborly way can extend itself far more than just helping a neighbor out in the yard. A group of people banded together with the same goal can defend far more effectively than each family for themselves. .

  1. Get to know your neighbors.  If you don’t already know your neighbors well, take the time to be more outgoing.  Say hello when you see them outside, compliment their landscaping and do little things to be helpful.
  2. Have a party.  Another good way to pull the community together is through social interaction.  Organize a block party or host a barbecue as a way to help people become better acquainted.  Getting to know your neighbors better is not only a good way to make allies, it’s a good way to subtly identify those who might be a problem in an emergency situation.
  3. Organize a neighborhood watch.  If you and your neighbors are already accustomed to looking out for one another, it won’t require as much additional organization if disaster strikes.
  4. Make a plan.  If some of your neighbors are like-minded, you might be able to do some advance planning, like choosing the most defensible property as a place to send the children, creating defense strategies for your cul-de-sac or figuring out the best way to patrol your immediate area.
  5. Don’t forget the importance of OPSEC.  No matter how much you like your neighbors, never put all your cards on the table.  Be sure to keep some things private, like your food stores, back-up weapons, caches and ammo stores.  If desperate people have to one day make decisions between their families or their neighbors, you can be certain that family will win every time.  They cannot take what they do not know about.

It is possible to survive in suburbia.  We can’t all afford to retreat to the woods or a bunker.  Take steps now to prepare and make the best of your personal situation.


Author: Tess Pennington
Web Site: http://www.ReadyNutrition.com/

Date: May 27th, 2012

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