DTS Trusted Resources

Here is our list of bloggers who I’ve come to know and trust who maintain high standards, write original, value-adding content, and are personally Doing the Stuff.

If you’re a blogger who has traded theory for action, please submit your request to be added so we can get to know you and the stuff you’re doing. Getting on this list isn’t automatic. We don’t ‘kiss’ on the first date. We have to get to know you first. You’re patience is appreciated!

In alphabetical order by category: 

Self-Reliance and Preparedness

Apartment Prepper

Are We Crazy Or What

Arms Bearing Citizen

Backdoor Survival

Ed That Matters

Florida Hillbilly

Food Storage and Survival

Food Storage Made Easy

Food Storage Moms

Grandpappy (Robert Wayne Atkins, P.E.)

Graywolf Survival

Homeschooling the Well Prepared Child

Instinct Survivalist

Modern Survival Online

Mom With A Prep

More Than Just Surviving

Perky Prepping Gramma

Prepare Magazine

Prepared Christian

Prepared Housewives

Prepared In Every Way

Preparedness Mama

Prepper Chicks

Ready Nutrition

Sensible Survival



Survival at Home

Survival For Blondes

Survival Prepper Joe

Survival Punk

Survival Resources

Survival Sherpa

Survival Weekly

Survive Hive

Survivor Jane

The Backyard Pioneer

The Economic Collapse

The Organic Prepper

The Prepper Journal

The Survival Mom

The Survivalist Blog

Outdoor Self-Reliance Skills

The Alpha Survivalist


Alan Kay Survival

Feral Woodcraft

Karamat Wilderness Ways

Jack Mountain Bushcraft School

Wilderness Outfitters

Snow Walker Bushcraft

Camp Craft

Master Woodsman

Medicine Bow

Willow Haven Outdoor

Bushcraft On Fire

Woodland Wisdom

Larry Roberts

Woodsmoke Woodcraft School

Food Independence

Eat Kamloops

Simply Canning


Average Person Gardening

Backwoods Home Magazine

Black Fox Homestead

Common Sense Homesteading

Crunchy Mama’s Urban Homestead


Mountain Woman Journals

North Country Farmer

On Big Turtle Creek (Off-Grid Homestead)

Pioneering Today (Melissa K. Norris)

Suburban Steader

The Busy B Homemaker

The Homesteading Hippy

The Prairie Homestead

The Trailer Park Homestead

Trayer Wilderness

Health/Nutrition/Functional Fitness

Margaret’s Natural Health Blog

Whole New Mom


The Survival Doctor

Underground Medic

Doom and Bloom

The Patriot Nurse


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