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13 Simple Ways to Eat Your Yard and Build Food Security

by Todd Walker In the March Against Monsanto, millions of people peacefully took to the streets in protest over our unhealthy (being kind here) Industrial Food Machine operated by the little man behind the curtain in the Wizard of Oz. The switches, pulleys, and levers are connected to BigFarma, BigPharma, corrupt politicians, main stream media, and our […]

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Wild Food Survival: Can I Eat Those Mother’s Day Flowers?

[Editor’s Note: After Mother’s Day, florists must be taking the day off. So how many of the blooming plants are actually edible? Crunchy Mama (See her full bio below) gives us a detailed analysis of a popular plant that you may have in your yard that’s pretty and nutritious. I hope you enjoy the second […]

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3 Habits that Should be ‘Automatic for the Prepper’

by Todd Walker “Could I get some collard greens with that?” “Automatic!” answers owner Dexter Weaver. “Automatic for the people” means you get what you want at his diner. Via: The phrase became more than a slogan when R.E.M.’s “Automatic for the People” album was released in 1992. The band borrowed the line from Weaver’s […]

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Hunt-Gather-Eat Wild Foods: Ostrich Fern Shoots

Editor’s Note: Today we’re pleased to have a guest post by The Crunchy Mama on eating wild foods. We look forward to further value adding posts by her in the future. Before going out to gather a basket of weeds to eat, make sure you have properly identified the plant before eating. This is a valuable […]

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