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Trayer Wilderness Handcrafted Christmas Giveaway

On the heels of yesterday’s post on the MultiFlame Tool, here’s your chance to win one… or any of combination of their handcrafted items valued at $75.oo. You can enter to win using your Facebook account. If you aren’t on FB, you can enter via an email account. Just click the Rafflecopter link at the […]

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How I Preserve Food: Modern Mountain Man MRE’s

by Todd Walker Humans have been preserving their harvest well before modern conveniences like pressure canners and deep freezers were invented. Preserving the harvest was the art of delaying nature’s natural effect on food – spoilage. Being resourceful… and just plain hungry, our ancestors figured out ways to make food safe to eat long after living food […]

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Backyard Bushcraft Skills: No Wilderness Required

by Todd Walker Doing the Stuff of self-reliance takes time, resources, tools, and want to. More important than any of these is ACTION! With only 24 hours in a day, you can’t always trek to your personal space in the woods to practice wilderness living skills. Hectic schedules and time constraints eat away at your availability. You’re family needs […]

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Foraging Feral Food: Trout Lily

by Todd Walker Craving feral food? Now’s the time to hit the woods. The Trout Lily is blooming! Before going wild on this gem of the woodland, you should have an introduction to this short-lived blooming beauty. In the creek bottom near the shelter I’m building, the forest floor is covered with a yellow carpet […]

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Live Wild Where the Pavement Ends

by Todd Walker Statistically, SUV’s pose a greater threat to life and limb than a charging mama bear. We’re more likely to meet our maker in concrete jungles than in nature. This begs the question: Why don’t we spend more time in the wild? Answers vary widely. I’m afraid of snakes, biting insects, spiders, and bears! […]

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7 Tips to Keep You Alive and Found in the Wilderness

by Todd Walker Get out there! Spend enough time with Mother Nature and you’ll likely experience emergencies. Even the most innocent outings are potential survival situations. That fishing trip can turn nasty for all the wrong reasons. Your day hike may find you sleeping under the stars with a busted knee. Always carry a minimal […]

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My Top 10 Foods I’d Hate to Survive Without

by Todd Walker Here’s the scene. The inevitable happened. The world as we know it has ended. Trucks, planes, and trains stop unloading their goodies. The fragile power grid gives up the ghost. You and yours are as prepared as one can be to ride out the initial stage of the apocalyptic storm that’s raining […]

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Foraging Feral Food: A Hobby Now ~ A Survival Skill Later

Editor’s note: I appreciate your patience with my blogging absence. DRG and I have been visiting our newest grandson who decided to show up 4 weeks early. I should be posting part 3 of The Pillars of Preparedness series tomorrow. Until then, Tess Pennington has graciously allowed me to republish this article from her site, […]

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Finding and Creating Heat Sources in the Wilderness

Editor’s note: Today we have a guest post from Kent Page McGroarty from Even in the summer heat, staying warm and dry is an important topic. Finding and Creating Heat Sources in the Wilderness by Kent Page McGroarty Finding yourself alone in the wilderness is certainly panic-inducing, but best to stay as calm as […]

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Feral Food: Maxing Out on Milkweed Pods

Editor’s note: Crunchy Mama‘s wild food adventures continues. For those unfamiliar with this feral food, it has so many other virtues. Not only is it edible, it makes great cordage, stomach tonic, and candle wicks.  “A weed is a plant whose virtues have not yet been discovered.” ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson DISCLAIMER: This information is offered for educational […]

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