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Should I Register My High-Capacity Pressure Canner?

by Todd Walker

You’re joking, right? Nope. Reality is stranger than fiction. Thanks to Daisy Luther for alerting us to the inherent dangers of another tool of violence – the pressure cooker! One retailer is already pulling them from their shelves.

feinstein pcooker

It’s not hard to believe if you’ve been paying attention. Box cutters, we were told, was the weapon used to hijack the planes that crashed into the Twin Towers on 9/11. The fear escalates. Now its evil cooking equipment.

In ’06 I had a perfectly harmless tool confiscated by TSA thugs.

DRG and I were flying north for a family reunion. We were late getting to the airport and wasn’t able to get a piece of luggage checked. The lady with the Delta uniform told us to go through security with the piece and have the helpful attendants store it in the cabin. Great!

I loaded the luggage on the belt at the Gate-Rape station and the x-ray machine caught it. Alarms! What had I packed that would send uniformed goons into high alert and land me on a watch list?

A knife. Not a machete or Bowie knife. Not a box cutter. The subject of alarm was a Swiss Army knife I found on the edge of a creek while camping years prior. I had cleaned it, replace the scales, and grown very fond of my new-found tool. It was my constant companion on fishing and hunting trips. I packed it in luggage that I thought would be checked and escape the prying eyes of TSAers. Now, it was gone forever. Confiscated. It probably ended up in some costumed enforcer’s pocket.

Swiss Army knife, photo taken in Sweden

Swiss Army knife, photo taken in Sweden. Not UK – they’re illegal there, right?(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

On the remaining flights and connections on our trip, I was flagged and given “special” attention. Hey, at least the lines were short.

Here’s the problem with our government’s propensity to ban really useful things like knives, guns, fertilizer, certain natural plants, and cooking pots. Bans don’t work.

Our benevolent government would have us believe that banning a person, place, or thing is effective.

Prohibition taught us that alcohol was in high demand and people found ways to make it in bath tubs and other clever and unsanitary methods. The common man was only able to drink rotgut while the elites secretly drank single malt. The War-On-Drugs has caused an explosion of availability of ‘illegal’ drug availability. The War-On-Terror? How’s that going for us? All these bans benefit the State – not individuals.

The pressure cooker/canner is not officially banned yet. It’s coming – stock up while you can *pun*. You’ll be glad you did. Remember the run on guns and ammo?

Oh yeah, DO NOT register your high-capacity pressure canner! That’s the first step to confiscation.

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