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Doing the Stuff on Preparedness Radio Network

About a week ago I was interviewed by a new blogging friend, Joyce Moseley Pierce. She hosts a weekly show, All You Need To Know, and blogs at Prepared In Every Way. She a person that makes you feel at home and comfortable on an interview – and I’m sure in real life as well. Joyce is a first class lady and full of integrity.

Doing the Stuff on Preparedness Radio Network

Joyce and I spent an hour talking about doing the stuff. You can listen to the interview here, if you’d like. We had a fun time and hope you enjoy our chat.

Let me know how it went. I hate listening to myself on the radio 🙂

Hopefully, I’ll have Part 4 of our Essential Pillars of Preparedness Series up this week which digs deeper into building resilient food resources.

By the way, this post will mark the 405th post on Survival Sherpa since April, 2012. Wow!

Since starting this blogging journey, our faithful readers, followers, and value-adding contributors have taught us a lot about preparedness values and life. Though we’ve only met a few of you personally, we appreciate your friendship and community!

More than anything, I want to thank those first few who somehow found this blog in a sea of preparedness bloggers and blog posts. Barefoot and Primal, Durable, and The Grey Enigma were the first to follow us here.

Gratitude to my ‘old’ friends and all those who have joined us on our journey to preparedness and self-reliance!

Keep doing the stuff,



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