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Top 10 Egg Laying Chickens

H/T to Resilient News. Backyard chicken farming has become popular and is growing one chick at a time. Here’s a quick run down of the top ten chickens for egg production over at The Weekend Prepper. Yum!

Chicken Breeds for Egg Laying

Top 10 Egg Laying Chickens

If you are looking to build a more self sufficient lifestyle, having several egg laying chickens is a great way to get a reliable supply of eggs – a great source of protein and nutrients.

Chickens lay eggs all year long – with really productive hens laying more than 200 eggs a year. So if you choose your breeds carefully, you will be well supplied with eggs with only a few chickens in your flock.

Let’s take a look at 10 popular and prolific egg layers.

  • Black Sexlink – This chicken is a cross between a Barred Rock hen and a Rhode Island Red cock. It is a pretty gentle chicken and a prolific egg layer. It lays large brown eggs and typical production is approximately 240 eggs per year per bird.
  • Red Sexlink – Created by breeding a Rhode Island Red male and a Rhode Island White female, this chicken is very common in commercial breeding operations. It lays large brown eggs and its typical production is about 240 eggs per year.
  • White Leghorn – This chicken is a great egg layer but a bit of a nervous breed. It lays approximately 250 white eggs per year.
  • California White – This chicken is an excellent producer of large white eggs. They are known to lay a whopping 300 eggs per year.
  • California Gray – Like the white, this chicken will deliver a massive 300 large white eggs per year.

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