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Live Wild Where the Pavement Ends

by Todd Walker

Statistically, SUV’s pose a greater threat to life and limb than a charging mama bear. We’re more likely to meet our maker in concrete jungles than in nature.

This begs the question: Why don’t we spend more time in the wild? Answers vary widely.

  • I’m afraid of snakes, biting insects, spiders, and bears!
  • I don’t have time…
  • I don’t know what I’d do out there…

We still retain our wild ancestral genes. We just have to escape the modernized Petri dish and rediscover our wilderness within. Even if the closest you’ve been to nature is watching the Discovery Channel, your wild calls.


Live wild and keep doing the stuff!

In some men, the need of unbroken country, primitive conditions and intimate contact with the earth is a deeply rooted cancer gnawing forever at the illusion of contentment with things as they are. For months or years this hidden longing may go unnoticed and then, without warning, flare forth in an all consuming passion that will not bear denial. Perhaps it is the passing of a flock of wild geese in the spring, perhaps the sound of running water, or the smell of thawing earth that brings the transformation. Whatever it is, the need is more than can be borne with fortitude, and for the good of their families and friends, and their own particular restless souls, they head toward the last frontiers and escape. -Sigurd F. Olson (H/T to my FB friend who shares my first name)

Every trial has a story, every tree has a tale, every rock sings. You can smell your history in the wild. You’ll never find true center trapped in the domesticated zoo in which we live. Freedom awaits outside.

Break out of your daily grind and go wild. Your true nature is in the field and forest.

Where the Pavement Ends

I go to the woods for many reasons. Take a pictorial hike with me see how deep the rabbit hole goes.

Live Wild Where the Pavement Ends

I found where Alice went…


Live Wild Where the Pavement Ends

Looking into the hollow tree

Locating Resources

Live Wild Where the Pavement Ends

Beech tree leaves hang around through winter

Live Wild Where the Pavement Ends

Crush the leaves for fire tinder

Practicing Skills

Live Wild Where the Pavement Ends

Blowing an ember in the Beech leaf tinder bundle

Live Wild Where the Pavement Ends

Twig fire lay

Live Wild Where the Pavement Ends

The frame of my traditional trapping shelter

Live Wild Where the Pavement Ends

Using simple machines for mechanical advantage when splitting cedar rails



Reclaim Your Peace

Live Wild Where the Pavement Ends

Live Wild Where the Pavement Ends

Follow a stream

Live Wild Where the Pavement Ends

Find Feral Food

Live Wild Where the Pavement Ends

chanterelle in the spring

Take your own adventure where the pavement ends!

Keep Doing the Stuff,


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their only “guides” were instinct and necessity, not a methodical system.

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