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Log Cabin Update

by Todd Walker

Log Cabin Update 2020

My last cabin update on the blog was from November 2019. Work had stopped on the cabin since DRG’s passing in March of this year. People asked me when I would get back to building the cabin and I’d respond, “When I get motivated again.” Well I’m finally motivated.

July has typically been a very productive month for me on the log cabin build. This holds true for 2020 as well. What follows is a series of photos highlighting the progress.


Log Cabin Update 2020 -

The swinging porch bed. A whole new how-to post is upcoming on this one.

I built this red cedar rope swing to add to the cabin site. The air mattress is queen size and really too tall for the swing. However, after extensive testing, it works just fine!

Log Cabin Update 2020 -

Mosquito netting is a must when napping!


The porch needed something other than old, temporary plywood with spotty coverage. I went with 1x6x12 pressure treated boards. Melonie was nice enough to lend a hand on both the porch and the subfloor inside the cabin!


Log Cabin Update 2020 - thesurvivalsherpa.comLog Cabin Update 2020 -


Log Cabin Update 2020 -

Log Cabin Update 2020 -

The finished porch floor.

Log Cabin Update 2020 -

Log Cabin Update 2020 -

Mel laying down the glue.

Log Cabin Update 2020 -

Subfloor complete!

Front Door

I had been carrying a salvaged heartwood pine door around for about 15 years. I knew I would use it on the cabin as soon I started this project. Philip helped me hang this with hand-forged hinges, hasp, and nails gifted and made by Tim at Oxbow Farm. What a great craftsman and friend!

Log Cabin Update 2020 -

Hammering cut nails into the hinge holes.

Log Cabin Update 2020 -

Cut nails

Log Cabin Update 2020 -

Log Cabin Update 2020 -

Log Cabin Update 2020 -

Front door finished!

Gable and Loft Floor

To expedite the build, I decided to go with T1-11 plywood to cover the gable ends. I also used this material upside down on the loft floor so the bead board would be visible from the porch below.

Log Cabin Update 2020 -

Log Cabin Update 2020 -

Log Cabin Update 2020 -

Taking a break on the newly laid loft floor.

Log Cabin Update 2020 -

One of the stained glass windows DRG bought several years ago. Thought it would go well as the center window of the cabin.

Log Cabin Update 2020 -

Log Steps for the Front Porch

Dimensional lumber would have been an easy choice for the steps. No, we needed to stay with the rustic look. I spent the morning walking the woods to find dead-standing red cedar the right diameter for the stringers and steps. Once hauled back to the cabin, I used my chainsaw mill to make the steps.

Log Cabin Update 2020 -

Log Cabin Update 2020 -

Notching stringers to accept the half-round log steps.

Log Cabin Update 2020 -

Step one.

Log Cabin Update 2020 -

Satisfied and taking a break on the second step.

Log Cabin Update 2020 -

Still has some tweaks we want to make but it’s a functional set of rustic steps!

Thank you friends and family for the outpouring of love and support over the years, and especially since my lovely DRG passed away. You are simply the best!

Keep Doing the Stuff of Self-Reliance,

~ Todd

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Wishbone vs Backbone: Introducing the Doing The Stuff Network

by Todd Walker

Want to make 2014 your most productive, prepared year ever?

Here’s how…

Don’t put a wishbone where your backbone should be!

Doing The Stuff Network

You may wish you had more self-reliance, food security, liberty, optimal health, mad survival skills or less body fat. Many of you, myself included, have made resolutions year after year only to be crushed by failure’s weight.

Stop with all the wishful-thinking and resolutions.

I’ll go even further with more shocking advice – stop setting goals!

Let me explain…

First, let’s put down the crack pipe full of wishful thoughts so we can talk reality.

Our conventional method is doomed from the moment we make the wish. Wishful thinking won’t magically transform into real, long-term results. The same holds true for setting goals.

Four years ago I made a resolution to quit making resolutions to reach an event on the calendar. Ironically, I’ve stuck to my resolution.

By reading this, I assume you want to progress in your climb to preparedness and self-reliance. You (I say “you” when I really mean me) have set goals in the past in a desperate attempt to control future events. We can’t control or predict the future. There’s the disconnect. We only control the steps we take today.

If that’s true, and it is, how do we move forward on our journey together?

The secret is in the process – not wishing a goal will be met! Preparedness is not a climb to some mythical summit. It’s a long journey of small, deliberate steps. 

Make resolutions and goals if that works for you. But please keep in mind that deliberate action takes backbone. Boring backbone!

If you’re seriously sick of having a wishbone where your backbone should be, DRG and I extend a personal invitation for you to join the Doing The Stuff Network.

It’s free to join – no membership fees, no secret handshakes, completely voluntary, skills oriented, and hype-free!

Join the Doing The Stuff Network

A person values whatever he acts to gain or keep.

Knowledge may weigh nothing, but until you act logically, knowledge alone won’t matter in the crucible of life. The laws of nature require all living things to act to sustain life.

Here’s the picture we’re painting. Doing the Stuff takes ACTION. The act of doing is the antidote for wishbones.

We’re building a network of regular people (like your and me) to share our skills, progress, challenges, epic fails, and victories on our preparedness journey together. This community is not a tribe of theorists. 

We are trading theory for action!


Who can join?

To be completely upfront and honest, this community is not open to everyone.

Here’s the only prerequisite to joining the DTS Network …

No spectators allowed!

If you’ve been a spectator on the sidelines and are ready to get some skin in the game, you’re welcome to join. Already doing the stuff? You’re welcome too. Anyone willing to take a series of self-generated, individualized, deliberate actions to decrease dependency and grow self-sufficiency can join.

Be sure to wear your blue-collar. You’ll get your hands dirty!

What can you expect by joining?

By joining the DTS Network, you’re committing to learn a minimum of one new skill in 2014.

Really!? Only one new skill… in a year!?


Don’t write us off as underachievers just yet. People are busy. But one more skill gets you one step closer on our climb.

Here’s the catch…

Once you’ve learned that new skill, you’ll want to learn another one. Warning: Doing the stuff is an addictive gateway drug with side effects of preparedness and self-reliance. Use with reckless abandon.

We welcome only those willing to commit to the process of doing the stuff in 2014! That includes young doers of the stuff. There’s no age limit. Get your kids involved and make this a family, group, or home school project. Along our journey, we’ll help each other carry the heavy stuff, celebrate successes, analyze failures, and make adjustments – without lame, self-appointed ex-pert attitudes!

How do you join the journey?

We’ll keep it Sherpa simple! Find the tab called the “Doing the Stuff” located at the top of our site. Click to open the page and leave a comment letting your fellow DTS Networkers know you’re joining the journey.

Sharing the Stuff

To share the stuff you’re doing, which is one purpose of the DTS Network, we encourage you to use the “Doing the Stuff” page comment section and/or your favorite social media site(s). Be sure to use the hashtag #DoingTheStuff to make it easy for others to connect with you.

Here are 3 dedicated social media pages we created for you to share and connect with your fellow DTS Networkers:

  • Pinterest – We’ve created a group board called “Doing the Stuff Network” for you to Pin your projects. It’ll be our DTS family refrigerator for all our “fridge worthy” self-sufficiency skills we’re working on. 🙂 If you’re on Pinterest and would like to Pin the Stuff on this board, you’ll need an invite to Pin your Stuff. Message me with your Pinterest user name and I’ll invite you to the group.
  • Facebook – You can join our closed FB group, “Doing the Stuff Network“, and post updates on your journey. If you’d like, you can share on your personal FB page as well.
  • Google + – Same as the above groups. You can join the “Doing the Stuff Network” community by requesting an invite.
  • Twitter – There’s no Doing the Stuff Network account on Twitter. Simply use the #DoingTheStuff hashtag on your projects, questions, or discussions.

How do you know what stuff to start doing?

There are certain skills that we all need to pursue for a self-sufficient lifestyle. These categories are broad. Taking action to gain or improve your skills in a sustainable fashion will help to preserve your life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness. And we’ll have fun in the process!

Go ahead and check out the categories on the “Doing the Stuff” page and get started. Feel free to suggest skills that may not be listed yet.

Now is the time to replace your wishbone with that boring backbone you’ve always wanted!

Keep Doing the Stuff!


P.S. – You can also connect with us on TwitterPinterestGoogle +, and our Facebook page. The Doing the Stuff Network community can be found here: PinterestGoogle +, and Facebook. Lots of good stuff going on here… check it out!

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Thanks for sharing the stuff!

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