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Real-Life Help Requested for Research on Persuasion

by Todd Walker

How many people are buying what you’re selling?

The art of persuasion: Placard with persuasion slogan

Last week I had an email conversation with Gaye Levy over at Backdoor Survival. I wondered how we could reach more folks with the message of practical preparedness. It got me thinking… and asking…

Have you ever wondered, like I have, what makes two people of equal intelligence and very much alike choose completely different options when it comes to preparedness.

Even members of the same family, raise by the same parents, often don’t turn out the same. There’s one that chooses to prepare for the future and the other thinks her “prepper” brother has lost his ever-loving mind and totally cuckoo.

Forgive me for using the cliché “two minds are better than one,” but I’m researching how to better persuade reluctant family members and friends to begin preparing and building resilience and need your help.

There are articles on this specific topic on the net. What I’m looking for though, is specific strategies, tips and techniques you personally have used or witnessed first hand. Even stories of how a toddler might have flipped the prepper switch on for you. Nothing is off-limits.

You can send your tips to me on my blog in the comment section, email (survivalsherpa at gmail dot com), or Twitter. After I get the real-life stories together, I’ll publish the article, giving credit to all who assisted (or leave you anonymous – whatever you like).

Thanks in advance for your insight and help – you persuasive prepper, you!

Keep doing the stuff,


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