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10 Secret Steps to Overcoming Paralyzing Prepper’s Block

by Todd Walker

Driving back from Florida yesterday we got blocked by a car with the entire back window covered with an advertisement. DRG and I tried to figure out what they were selling. Their tag line was “It’s a party in your mouth!” [Add your best guess below if you’d like.]

*wink, wink*

*wink, wink*

Curious, we passed the rolling billboard and noticed the headlamps were sporting eyelashes. Still, we couldn’t figure out the cute driver’s message.

We assumed it was some kind of party salsa for hip chicks. I swear it winked at me in my rearview mirror.

Okay, here’s the thing.

Ads advertise. Brick layers lay brick. Writers write. Plumbers plumb. Politicians poly-tick ~ for our demise. Lawyers – still not sure what they do – add ’em in with poly-ticks.


Preppers prep.

I’ve experienced writer’s block before. Funny thing though, I’ve never had a case of plumber’s block. Plumbers just do the stuff that plumbers do. They plumb.

Ever see a plumber riding around in a plumbing truck wearing a suit and tie? Would you call him to crawl under your house and fix a leak? Not quite the image of plumbers in my mind. Besides, the suit wouldn’t show his plumber’s crack.

But the worst of all ‘blocks’ is prepper’s block

Ever been stricken with it?

Prepper’s block (PB), like writer’s block, is a load of crap. If you believe in this mystical funk, you’ll stop doing the stuff.

Common symptoms: You don’t have the money, time, skill, or energy to raise your prepping to the next level.

Alert! Alert! * That’s your BS detector is going off. * There’s no such thing as prepper’s block.

If you disagree and are dead-set that you have it – no worries, my prepping friend. I’ve got the secret cure.

My 10 secret steps to overcome paralyzing prepper’s block are…

  1. Prep.
  2. Prep some more.
  3. Prep even more.
  4. Prep even more than that.
  5. Prep when you don’t want to.
  6. Prep when you do.
  7. Prep when you have money.
  8. Prep when you’re broke.
  9. Prep every day.
  10. Keep prepping.

That’s the secret. Disappointed? Angry?

Prepping is not about wearing t-shirts and bumper stickers.

It’s about doing the stuff! One step at a time.

You can thank me in the comments. Or not. But whatever you do…

Keep doing the stuff,



This list would make a great t-shirt or poster for the entrepreneurs among us. Just a thought. If I made you mad, leave a comment.


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