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Prepare for the Probable

Gaye Levy’s article falls in line with sensible priorities for preparedness planning. Check out all her resources at Backdoor Survival.

Prepare for the Probable (and Not the Extreme)

8224936661 dc1454ac46 o Prepare for the Probable (and Not the Extreme)   Backdoor SurvivalWe had a conversation in my household this morning about our prepping and more specifically, whether we need to take it to the next level – whatever that is – or not.  The context in our case was firearms and ammo but it could have just as easily been medical supplies and food.

This got me thinking about prepping in general and the various stumbling blocks that many face along the way.  Undoubtedly for many if not most, the stumbling blocks include expense (money for food, supplies and gear) and time (learning skills, organizing preps, forming community groups and such).  The pressure to get it all and to do it all is great.

Prepping Priorities

For some, planning for family safety and security during rough times or a disaster is foremost.  And for that, you will not get an argument from me.  Earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, fires and storms are all things we can relate to.  But what about preparing for a doomsday scenario such as a nuclear holocaust, or a massive world-changing EMP, or global economic collapse?

I will be the first to raise my hand and say that of these three examples, the latter – global economic collapse – seems most probable.  Once that begins, the nations of the world will crumble like a set of dominoes and a major, global depression will occur.  The will be no money, no industry, no jobs and no rule of law.  There will be chaos of a grand scale and those of us in the Western world will need to learn to fend for ourselves as

did the pioneers of years gone by.  That is my opinion, anyway.8226009664 ec5431a15f o Prepare for the Probable (and Not the Extreme)   Backdoor Survival

But I digress.  The point I am feebly attempting to convey is that we each need to come up with our own set of probable scenarios and prep for that over and beyond  the extreme, more apocalyptic scenarios.

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