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Proving My Point from My Last Post

by Todd Walker

After my last post, For Blogger’s Eyes Only, I got an email from M.D. Creekmore at The Survivalists Blog highlighting the importance of building a loyal fan base by offering useful content and building relationships.

His readers don’t miss a thing. And they pointed it out to him that I failed to mention him in my ‘SmartPreppers Doing the Stuff” section. It seems that my oversight may have made some in the Wolf Pack bristle.

My apologies. There are many others I could have added – including M.D. – but time and space is limited.

So, I’m dedicating this post to y’all – Mr. Creekmore’s rabid Wolf Pack! And I use ‘rabid’ in the most complementary and endearing way.

Kudos for you dedication to your pack!

The Survivalist Blog does what my post described – adds value and is really useful to The Wolf Pack. And M.D. is a SmartPrepper Doing the Stuff.

Thanks for stopping by here!

Keep doing the stuff,


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