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Guns In Schools: A Teachers Response

by Todd Walker

Evil abounds.

I’m at a loss. I have no way of expressing my deep feelings of sympathy, regret, and anger over yesterday’s events. To the moms, dads, brothers, sisters and families, all I can do is pray for some kind of comfort. I have no idea how you will get through this wasting of life.

As the radio squawked the news, my first thoughts were on my 5-year old grandson. Then to my sister who teaches kindergarten.

Anger abounds.

A system wide email put us on “soft lock down” yesterday in the wake of unfathomable evil committed in Sandy Hook. I heard the horrible news on the radio returning from an errand at our the county board office. I was in my room during planning when a fellow teacher friend stopped by to talk.

“Who does something like this? I mean he killed little babies in a classroom!” he said.

He then asked me if stun guns were legal to carry in school. He wanted some kind of protection if a maniac decides to visit ours. I showed him my plans, my tools, my teacher’s toolbox. Showing him my new addition to my toolbox, wasp spray with a 22 feet spraying distance, I advised him to go buy a can and keep it in his desk. It’s not much, but it beats cowering under a desk.

Another teacher and I talked in the hall. He thinks that school construction will have to change. They’ll have to start building schools like prisons he said. Everyone enters into a holding room to be checked out before they’re allowed to join the schooled population. Bad idea. Our schools are too similar to prisons now.

Next, I asked my friend why there were no mass shootings at police precincts in this country. Simple. They all carry have guns. They don’t work in Victim Zones like we do. We’re defenseless ducks waiting on a load of lead. My school has one very out-of-shape resource officer with a sidearm on his duty belt to “protect” 850 possible victims. As you can imagine, the odds of him being in the right place, at the right time to stop a shooting spree is very unlikely.

First step in my solution?

noweaponzonearmedteachers - Copy

Arm the teachers like Israel and South Africa. Word would spread. Thugs and scum choose their killing fields based on the avenue of least resistance. Dirt Road Girl and I named several fellow teachers that would jump at the chance to go through any training, initial and on going, to be able to carry real tools of self-defense in our “victim zones.”

Gun-grabbers like Michael Moore and Piers Morgan, with the aid of our MSM dancing through the blood of innocents, will tar and feather me for suggesting my solution. So guns would be in classrooms? Won’t that endanger the children? This morning there are devastated, grief-stricken families that would have loved for their child’s teacher to have been trained and armed yesterday. Maybe the brightly wrapped Christmas presents under their trees could have been opened.

The collective has done a superb job at brainwashing the schooled children and parents in our society. Our state public policy for Weapons Free Zones invites violence. They say they’re concerned about the children’s safety to get re-elected. The system is rigged. The weak and defenseless are easily exploited by the strong. The tragedy in Connecticut sums up the death and destruction visited upon fellow humans by an institution whose objective is to plunder, steal, and kill. Don’t tell me Weapons Free Zones for the children’s safety!

If a handful of trained teachers been allowed to carry guns in the building, the senseless killings could have been prevented, or at least minimized. As a teacher, my natural right to self-defense can only be exercised with wasp spray and a jawbone of an ass.

Keep Doing the Stuff of Self-Reliance,


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