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by Todd Walker

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It’s always interesting to see lists of Top Prepper/Survivalist Websites. Some have defined ways of actually ranking these sites, which lends credibility to the list.

When I started this blog in April of last year, I began to discover so many websites that focus on the vast and deep subject of preparedness and self-reliance. If I add a link to my ever-growing Blogroll and Resources page, it’s because I’ve found the author(s) to be helpful to my personal journey in preparedness. Some of these fine folks I actually network with via email, comments, and occasional guest posts. It’s building community online – virtually.

The blogs I’m about to highlight are not going to be found on the Top Ten Lists making their rounds through the preppersphere…. Yet. However, I find their content original and outside the box at times – which is a good thing. Here’s my Top-Ten-List-Of-Not-Famous-Yet-Preparedness-Sites in no particular order.

The Backyard Provider (A Journal of Honest Food, Freedom, and The Natural World by Michael Patrick McCarty. Just found Mike. Excellent stuff.)

Resilient News (True resilience isn’t any single thing you do. It’s the cumulative impact of the many things you’ve done and the systems you’ve put in motion.)

SchemaByte (Preparedness against job loss, natural disaster, and grid down. Really enjoy his style of writing.)

The Organic Prepper (Daisy Luther – It’s prepping with a different mindset – we stockpile our food with an eye towards avoiding the GMOs, the processed foods, the chemicals and the drugs that are such a part of the North American food supply) Note: If Daisy isn’t on the normal top ten lists, she’ll show up soon. Her excellent posts are showing up all over the net.

Bug Out Nutrition (Applying the science of nutrition to survivor scenarios. JP Martin spends his time slaying the conventional wisdom of foods we eat and store.)

Survival Punk (James Burnette – A Primal/Paleo approved prepper website. His punk attitude isn’t what you might think.)

Prepared Christian (Chris Ray blogs about preparedness from a Christian world-view. Get to know him better here.)

Prepography (The Art & Study of Self-Reliance)

My Family Survival Plan (A survival website/ alternative news dedicated on keeping the American public aware of the daily and future dangers. This blog is growing rapidly.)

Sensible Survival (This is a blog about common sense preparedness for sensible individuals. I’ve posted several of Hank’s articles and ideas here. Sensible stuff indeed.)

I realize there are many more fine blogs and websites out there quietly growing and adding value to the online community. If you’d like to recommend any additional links, please leave a comment and I’ll do a scouting report.

Blogging and writing original value-adding content takes thought, effort, and creativity… and coffee. If you find any of these of value to you, please consider following and supporting their work.


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