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Doing the Stuff to Escape the Matrix

After a year of getting to know Durable Faith online, I finally got to meet him and his beautiful family. Many times I read preparedness bloggers and wonder if they are actually doing the stuff. DF falls into my “Doers of the Stuff “category! He’s put his money (and faith) where his mouth is.

“Doing the stuff” doesn’t mean you’ve ‘arrived.’ Who has? I haven’t! What this phrase means is that you’re taking action steps on your journey to freedom, self-sufficiency, and resiliency.

Durable highlights his long journey to escape the matrix created by elitists controllers in the media, government, globalists, and the institutional church. Please pass this on if you find it useful.

Reprinted with permission by Durable Faith

A few thoughts about a shift in ‘editorial policy’

Online friends

The posts which seem to get the most views are those that you can now find any number of places.

The most popular posts seem to be about “what is going on” – how criminal our government is, how politicians lie, how our economic system is rigged, etc. This was an important phase in my learning curve and in my progression through the prepper stages of grieving the loss of much of what I thought was real and true.

The posts that I write about “what we can do about it” or “what the bible says about what is going on”, those posts don’t get very far in the viral cyberspace. Often, they start well and then fizzle out.  I don’t want to flatter myself, but I candidly suspect information suppression. I can see the WordPress stats. And I have some posts that have more likes than views…if you figure that one out, let me in on the secret please…In China they admit to watching which activists posts gather momentum quickly and then they demote them or make them disappear. Similarly internet filtering is being rolled out in Australia now. Who is to say that it’s not already happening to some degree in the USA.

For instance just this week, Faceboot has not only been caught red-handed suppressing posts about GMO’s and citizen journalism of an expose nature, but now they are claiming that their new policy of suppressing “hate speech” is motivated by their desire to stop violence on women and is in response to outcry’s from their advertisers (poor faceboot, wah).

As Hillary said, they (the global elites) are losing the information war and they are re-grouping (filtering as defense, propaganda as offense) in an effort to regain control  of the information flow.

As for the news, you can get it elsewhere now. There are many sites that devote themselves to exposing corruption, darkness, and imminent threats to life and pursuit of happiness. If you have subscribed to for news, you may want to unsubscribe and subscribe or bookmark some of the following sites. As a caveat, I cannot vouch for the past or future content of these sites. You should review the information, ask hard questions, and chew before you swallow or share each story.

  3. –
  4. –
  5. –

As for survival tips, there are many content rich sites on the web, in communities, and even as youtube channels. I encourage you to frequent these sites and to practice DOING the stuff. Not just reading about it and thinking your knowledge will save you when the dark days come. The stress of those days will render almost useless everything that is not ingrained habit with muscle memory.

  4. Greene Deane – foraging expert ->
  5. Permaculture techniques ->

The coming editorial shift in content posted on

I’m glad you are reading this and have found the site useful, but I started the site as a way to organize my thoughts and compare current event trends to scripture to get the mind of Christ on the matter. I’ve power processed a lot of information over the past 5 years. And the value I am gaining from each additional tidbit of information is going down as rapidly as the quality and outlook in our macro situation.

I’m not convinced I need much more news.

I get “it” and am pretty much done with the multiphase grieving process.  The world is not what I thought it was. America is not what I thought it was. The media, money, the United Nations, democracy, conservatism, the institutional church… I have a new reality, the old is gone, but the new is coming.

I don’t need any additional evidence that:

  • power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely
  • that people scheme
  • that Islam is not a religion of peace
  • that the US foreign policy is creating suffering on a huge scale for Christians in the mid-east
  • that the church is under a self imposed gag order on the moral issues of our day because they are in debt to their eyeballs
  • that the UN is serious about agenda 21, population reduction, and creating a tyrannical one world government
  • that central banks, politicians of both parties, and global corporations are in on this agenda and stand to profit from it
  • that a divide and conquer strategy is being employed that will end in social chaos and much bloodshed right here on our soil
  • That laws are for the little people, while bankers, politicians, and global companies are ‘above the law’
  • Hoping for a GOP victory, judicial rulings, or military intervention is foolish and naive. No one is coming to save us.
  • That those in our state capitols and DC do not work for us and do not seek our approval or consent.
  • Politics in modern America is just a show

Frankly, it’s a show I’d rather turn off so I can devote more time to timely actions; doing the next right thing.

  • Improving the productivity, diversity, and resilience of our farmstead using permaculture and optimized foraging techniques
  • Searching the scriptures to clarify (for myself) the original gospel message, not the (fema trained) gutless crowd control message we find in most pulpits
  • Enjoying my family (while being less stressed) and being the best husband and dad I can be with God’s help
  • Getting involved in local community in meaningful ways including the dialogue on nullification and returning to auditable paper ballots

My planned editorial shift

  • I suspect the number of posts will go down to an average of two posts per week.
  • The posts will be almost entirely original content and way less newsy.
  • If others do not get our a crucial message or point of view, I may occasionally weigh in on some controversial news item

My advice to you

  • Figure out what “having done all, stand” means to you. And do all that you need to in order to hear “well done, good and faithful servant”
  • If you want to wake others, use paper or email NOT social networking and NOT news site comment threads.
  • Finish up getting through the stages so you can free up more time for building: productive capacity, local community, useful skills, and of course developing a more durable faith.

Blessings, DurableFaith

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