13 Assumptions That Undermine Your Child’s Future

[Editor’s Note: If you’re not yet familiar with Gary North, you should get to know him. He’s authored over 50 books, is known as the Tea Party Economist, and a regular contributor on LewRockwell.com

This article destroys many myths that well-meaning public school parents believe. Hope you enjoy.]

13 Assumptions That Undermine Your Children’s Future

Gary North – March 26, 2013
Reality Check

There are 13 assumptions that pave the road of good educational intentions. Most Christian parents who send their children to college have adopted eleven of the 13.

The first one is this: “The state has both the authority and the moral obligation to fund education.” Then come the other 12.

2. “Our local public schools are not like all the others. I will enroll my child in kindergarten.”

3. “The teachers there are conservative.”

4. “I have joined the PTA. My opinions are being heard.”

5. “The teachers have the sexual revolution under control in our middle school.”

6. “The high school’s textbooks are conservative.”

7. “Our high school’s teachers are conservatives.”

8. “The curriculum in our high school is religiously neutral.”

9. “My children will resist temptation.”

10. “I want my children to be missionaries on campus.”

11. “I am sending my kids to a Christian college. They will be safe.”

12. “The college is accredited. They will get a good education.”

13. “My kids will have high-paying jobs after they graduate in the humanities.”

Here are what assumptions the parents make when they make these implicit confessions of faith.

2. “Our local public schools are not like all the others. I will enroll my child in kindergarten.”

This is what I call Lake Wobegon statistics. The parent assumes that his local school is above average. But all of the nation’s parents assume this, at least those outside the ghettos. Otherwise, half of the parents would be self-consciously deciding to send their children into substandard schools. None of them would admit that they are doing this voluntarily. So, the parent sends the child off to kindergarten, which is the first step in a 13-year or 14-year process. It begins with this assumption: the parent can legitimately transfer the authority over his child’s education to the state. It also begins with this assumption: there will be no negative consequences for this decision.

3. “The teachers there are conservative.”

The parent has no idea what the political or religious views of the teachers’ are. He knows nothing about the teachers’ background. This much is clear, however: the teachers were all certified as accredited teachers, and the accrediting associations are all licensed by the government. They are all creations of the state.

4. “I have joined the PTA. My opinions are being heard.”

The Parent-Teachers Association was the creation of tax-funded educators. It was created for a specific reason: to make certain that the educators could head off criticism of their programs by offering parents the illusion that the parents have anything valid to say about the content or the process of education. The educators were committed to this principle: the will of the parents must be undermined throughout the entire educational process. In short, they assume that the only people with the qualifications necessary for educating the child are the educational elite, which enforces its views on the students in the state licensed colleges and universities that produce the teachers. From day one, they fully understood that parents would lose interest in the local PTA as soon as their children were out of that school, so that there would be no sustained opposition to the constantly evolving theories of the educational elite.

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One thought on “13 Assumptions That Undermine Your Child’s Future

  1. Julie Deadman

    I disagree. Also, number eleven does not illuminate why sending one’s child to Christian college will guarantee their safety.

    Back to the subject, here in the USA and elsewhere the current style of parenting no matter how well the intentions seems to be a mixture of vengeful, hurtful, cruel or neglectful parenting. Many parents are physically present and emotionally unavailable to their children. I just saw a picture of a couple, overdosed on heroin in the front of their mini-van with their four year old strapped in to the carseat in the back seat. Talk about undermining the future of one’s child.

    Also, narcissists are hiding out as teachers, and they play a really good game acting on the people’s assumptions children are way less smart than we have been taught to give them credit.

    It seems the various degrees of personality disorder are highly heritable within a bloodline, what if many are exacerbated even unintentional hurtful parenting. Every human has parents whether they parent well or not, and that is the crux of the root of the apex of the matter.

    BTW, are you getting enough green leafy vegetables? I also recommend looking into the tastier organic brands. Also, please be sure to spend some time outside with the sun. Peace out.


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