Blogroll: Indispensable Information Overload List of Links

Below you’ll find valuable links to articles, videos, downloads, books, and other preparedness information that will probably blow a 50 amp fuse on your way to information overload. Scroll down to view the following categories:

  • Preparedness/Self-Reliance
  • Firearms/Shooting/Marksmanship
  • Life, Liberty, Happiness
  • Homesteading – Urban and Rural
  • Survival Medicine
  • Homeschool – Unschool vs. Government “Education”
  • Primal-Paleo Lifestyle
  • Wildcrafting & Natural Health
  • Bushcraft and Wilderness Skills
  • Outdoor Tools and Gear
  • Free Downloads
  • Note: Please send links to sites you find helpful in our journey to preparedness and self-reliance.


Surviving Prepper

More Than Just Surviving – Survival & Preparedness. Wilderness survival articles, prepper tips; knife and survival gear reviews.

Preppers Survive

Survival Life – Prepare, Lead, Protect

Mom With A Prep – Helping families prepare – one emergency at a time.

Graywolf Survival – This site is loaded with original, useful content on prepping and survivalism. Good guy to connect with!

The Crunchy Mama’s Urban Homestead – Crunchy Mama is a frequent contributor on Survival Sherpa. She blogs about her homestead in the city, is passionate about Christ, wild foods, organic gardening, Primal/Paleo living, and educates her 3 sons at home.

From Cube to Farm – Author of “From Cube to Farm: Surviving and Thriving as a Stay-at-Home Mom” and blogs from a Christian Paleo/Primal prepper perspective.

Prep Happy – Nancy Smith runs this blog and believes that being prepared for emergencies brings you peace of mind. Having an extensive emergency kit, including food, water and light, allows you to be of greater service to your friends, family, and neighbors when disaster strikes.

Survivopedia – Uncommon wisdom for dangerous times

Survival Pulse – Daily Survival/Prepper links from around the web.

Prepared Housewives – If you haven’t discovered Jamie’s excellent blog yet, go check her out!

Preparedness is Fundamental  (A new preparedness site worth a look)

The Organic Prepper (Daisy Luther – It’s prepping with a different mindset – we stockpile our food with an eye towards avoiding the GMOs, the processed foods, the chemicals and the drugs that are such a part of the North American food supply)

Before It’s News (Self-sufficiency, Survival, and Alternative news site)

SHTF Blog (Ranger Man’s blog: “Sewage” Hits The Fan blog offers preparedness news, information, commentary – and other awesome stuff)

My Family Survival Plan (A survival website/ alternative news dedicated on keeping the American public aware of the daily and future dangers)

Prepared Christian (Chris Ray blogs about preparedness from a Christian world-view. Get to know him better here.)

Survival Punk (James Burnette – Primal/Paleo approved)

Prepography The Art & Study of Self-Reliance


The Survival Podcast


The Survival Mom

The Survivalist Blog dot Net

The Mental Militia Forums

Backwoods Home Magazine

Prepper Website

Prepper Central

Ready Nutrition  (Tess Pennington’s website)

Margaret’s Natural Health Blog

Survival Jane

Survival Cache

Frugally Sustainable  (A resource for all things frugal and sustainable)

Preparing Your Family (Survival blog with a family focus)

The Art of Manliness  (Helping men man up)

Freedom Hold Ranch ( is based on the experiences, research, and knowledge of the site creator and contributing writers)

Backdoor Survival

Alpha Rubicon


Off Grid Survival

The Home For Survival

Sensible Survival

Prepper Skills (JJ Johnson also publishes Reality Survival)

Modern Survival Online (John Rourke)

All About Preppers

In The Rabbit Hole

Firearms/Shooting/Marksmanship – Lots of good info here. – Your best source for discount ammo online.

KnifeUp – An up to date site with information on the latest weapon laws, survival tactics, and knife news.

Project Appleseed  (dedicated to teaching every American our shared heritage and history as well as traditional rifle marksmanship skills)

The Paul Revere Network

Gun Owners of America

Cornered Cat Firearms training for beginners.

Why I Carry

A Girl and Her Gun

Vuurwapen Blog

Andrew Tuohy‘s fact based firearm resource. No BS here…refreshing.

Western Rifle Shooters Association

Straight Forward in a Crooked World

Life, Liberty, Happiness  (daily dose recommended) (history of Libertarianism)

Living Freedom (Claire Wolfe’s blog)

The Future of Freedom Foundation  (Austrian economics? Never heard of such? Check it out!)

Karen De Coster  (Resisting tyranny one word at a time)

Go here for The Most Visited Libertarian Websites: A re-blog from The Capital Free Press See how far the rabbit hole goes!

Starving the Monkeys  (Fight back smarter)

World Affair Briefs  (Joel M. Skousen’s site with commentary and insights on a troubled world)

Strike The Root

Enlightened Rogue

Whiskey & Gunpowder

Zero Hedge

Eric Peters Auto

Bionic Mosquito

The Daily Bell

Homesteading – Urban and Rural

Crunch Mama’s Urban Homestead 

The Wannabe Homesteader

The Backyard Provider (A Journal of Honest Food, Freedom, and The Natural World by Michael Patrick McCarty)

Throwback at Trapper Creek An ongoing chronicle of meeting the expectations of the land…

Homestead Revival

Backwoods Home Magazine

Rural Revolution

The Soulsby Farm (Sustainable Farming, Permaculture, Gardening and Homesteading in Ohio)

Farm Dreams (An online community for anyone interested in sustainable farming, homesteading, prepping and living more freely)

Resilient Communities (Resilient people don’t just survive, they thrive)

Paratus Familia Blog (Enola Gay)

Survival Medicine

Doom and Bloom  (Dr. Bones & Nurse Amy’s expert advise on traditional medicine, alternative remedies, and medicinal/survival gardening)

The Survival Doctor  (What to do when help is NOT on the way)

Homeschool – Unschool vs. Government “Education”

Guide for Homeschool Students Transitioning to College

Dissident Thinker

The Home School Mom

Khan Academy  (learn almost anything for free)

John Taylor Gatto  (challenging the myths of modern schooling)

Buehler Education

Spalding Education International (program for teaching all students to spell, write and read)

Alliance for Separation of School and State

School Survival Forums

Great interview of the late John Holt over at Mother Earth News

Ed That Matters by Todd Sepulveda. Please visit his other site, Prepper Website, for more great preparedness information. Also, be sure to download his free eBook, Education After The Collapse.

Primal-Paleo Lifestyle

Mark’s Daily Apple  (Get your Grok on and learn to take full responsibility for your own health and enjoyment of life)

MovNat (Explore your true nature)

Ancestral Health Symposium (Educating healthcare professionals and laypersons on ancestral lifestyle dynamics)

The Healthy Sceptic (Medicine for the 21st century)

The Paleo Solution

Free The Animal

Paleo Works

Beginning Barefoot (Want to try barefoot running? Start here)

The Eating Academy (Customized eating solutions based on real science by Dr. Peter Attia)

Wild Foods & Natural Health

Wild Blessings – Holly Drake lives in the beautiful Appalachian Mountains of North Carolina. She and her dog Skipper roam around the mountains to explore the beauty of God’s creation and learn as much as they can about wild foods that are available to us for free.

Natural News

Eat The Weeds (Youtube channel)

Bushcraft and Wilderness Skills

Bushcraft On Fire  Video blog on YouTube

Primitive Ways

Willow Haven Outdoor  With a focus on wilderness survival and self-reliance

Bushcraft and Survival Skills

Wildwood Survival

Woods Monkey


Sensible Survival

Richard Graves’ Bushcraft Books Available online

Outdoor Tools and Gear

End Times Warehouse

Going Gear  e-Commerce site and store in Smyrna, GA – focuses on flashlights, fire starting tools, and other outdoor products

Everyday Carry Post EDC, gear reviews

Gear2Survive We specialize in Esee, Shadow Tech Knives and more.

Free Downloads

Alpha Strategy by John A. Pugsley – Once downloaded, I highly recommend printing this book for rainy days ahead.

Foxfire Book One

Foxfire Book Two

Foxfire Book Five

Wood Gas Generator ORNL  pdf file on Mother Earth News

50 Free self-reliant and preparedness books for your Kindle reader Note: They were free when this was published in May 2012. Check price before clicking buy.

Pole Shift Survival Information Mother of downloadable preparedness info

Where There Is No Doctor, Where There Is No Dentist – Hesperian Health Guides are easy to use, medically accurate, and richly illustrated.  We publish 20 titles, spanning women’s health, children, disabilities, dentistry, health education, HIV, and environmental health, and distribute many others.

Tactical Combat Casualty Care and Wound Treatment

Survival and Austere Medicine, An Introduction (2nd edition) Wilderness and primitive medical book

Ed That Matters by Todd Sepulveda. Please visit his other site, Prepper Website, for more great preparedness information. Also, be sure to download his free eBook, Education After The Collapse.

MOTHERLODE – Big caches of free and legal TEOTWAWKI downloads




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  1. prepography


    Thanks for the repost of our Maslow article…shoot me an e-mail on my contact page and I’ll e-mail you a graphic that will work with your background.

    Sorry it didn’t work ‘out of the box.’

    Andrew @


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  3. Thanks Andrew!


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  6. SouthernMama

    Thanks for adding me to the list!! 🙂 I’ll be reading!! 🙂


  7. Thanks for adding me to the blogroll! You just made my day again! Love al the great info in one place!


    • You’re very welcome! Glad to hear it. Let me know if there’s anything I can do to help, ever 🙂 You’re a great addition ’round here!


  8. I enjoy reading your unique & interesting blog articles. I noticed you have a blogroll and was wondering if you would add my blog to it?


    • Just added you to our blogroll. Thanks for connecting with us and adding value to our community! Like your site!


      • Mike Tincher

        Very enlightening Blog and site. Inspiring. I’m on the DTS bandwagon now. One full skill in remaining 2014 and healthy living is the first step. thanks



      • Great to have you on board, Mike! Plenty of room here.

        One of the most overlooked skills is exactly what you’re working towards… healthy living. Let us know how we can help.

        Keep Doing the Stuff!


  9. George Mulvaney

    I’m overwhelmed by how much stuff is on this site. Count me in.

    I’m a retired pastry chef who made the decision to get out of Dodge a couple of years ago — I’m living in South America now. I’m in the process of retraining myself to be a writer.

    I’ve been studying health and nutrition for a few years — along with Austrian economics.

    I began my preps almost by accident by picking up precious metals a couple of decades ago. I still grab them when I get the chance.

    The skill I’ve been working on this year is speaking spanish. Along with getting my 72-year-old body into combat shape.


  10. jbee

    Wow! I’m happy to have found an informative, purposeful site that is dedicated to and creates a better world for us to live in (improper grammer, I know)! I can’t wait to get started on making my first fire logs! I’m looking forward to many other projects as well…thank you!


  11. This is a great article. Thanks for the ideas.


  12. Wow!! What a great list. Would you be willing to trade links with me? Thank you!


  13. Added you to my resource page. Keep up the great work!


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