What Does It Mean to “Prepare for the Economic Collapse”?

Two days before Christmas y’all! Our 5 gallon bucket of coconut oil was delivered yesterday. Thankfully the Mayans were wrong 🙂

Tropical Traditions

Tropical Traditions

I deal with the denial Daisy describes in her article below everyday I walk into my school. Entitlement, dependency, and even violence when their world view is challenged. If you’re able, pay Daisy a visit and lend a word of support.

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December 22, 2012

Last week I wrote an article in response to the media’s vilification of preppers in the aftermath of the horrible tragedy in Newtown, Connecticut.  The article was quoted in an article on Yahoo.com, to my great astonishment, and that is when I saw how little most people understand about prepping.  You can see in most of the 4492 comments the article received that many folks just don’t “get it”.

My inbox was filled with a barrage of  hate mail and a number of people felt compelled to leave angry (and rather ignorant) comments on my website. I got messages from people that called me “batsh*t crazy”, messages from gun control advocates, messages from people who directly blamed me and all other preppers for the massacre, and even one particularly hate-filled email from a person who said “I hope that your kids are killed at the next school shooting.

All of this leads me to reconfirm my belief that people sincerely do not understand why we do what we do, and that ignorance leads to fear.

People fear what they don’t understand and hate what they can’t conquer. ~ Andrew Smith

If you go back through history, the “visionaries” or “wise ones” were always mocked at best and feared at worst.  They were  cast out of society to live alone at the edge of the village; children would sneak onto their property to show their bravery; they were burned at the stake as witches and heretics.  Anything the larger percentage of people does not understand is treated as something evil and frightening.

Am I saying that preppers are all visionaries and sages?  Not in a mystical “Joan of Arc” sense – but I am saying that preppers are willing to see the writing on the wall and search for a deeper understanding.

Many preppers are preparing for an economic collapse and the subsequent social collapse that will be close behind.

If you don’t think this is realistic, then you aren’t paying attention to the world around you.

People have this image of hunger – they see it as the skeletal dark-skinned children in some third world country, bellies protruding as malnutrition sets in.

But the face of hunger and poverty today is as close as your next door neighbor. Millions of North Americans can barely afford to put their next meal on the table. They are living in their cars, if they’re lucky, and without shelter if they are not so lucky.

For many people the economic collapse has arrived. Their “end of the world” event has already occurred in the form of a job loss, the foreclosure of the family home, or an illness that has caused such massive personal debt that there is truly no way out of it.  Less than 60% of Americans who are of age to be in the work force have a full time job.  When you tally that, it means that more than 100 million people are out of work.    More than 100 million people in the United States have no jobs.  For more than 100 million people, the economic collapse has arrived in full force.

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Author bio: Daisy Luther is a freelance writer and editor.  Her website, The Organic Prepper, offers information on healthy prepping, including premium nutritional choices, general wellness and non-tech solutions. You can follow Daisy on Facebook and Twitter, and you can email her at daisy@theorganicprepper.ca

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2 thoughts on “What Does It Mean to “Prepare for the Economic Collapse”?

  1. patty

    I am sick of the people who grab every opportunity to get rid of guns , they are taking advantage of the tradgedy. Violence has been with us since the beginning of time, those same people are probably not practicing love and respect which may be the way to a peaceful future. We can never stop the insane people who hate and kill. If they want to get rid of guns why don’tthey start with ‘ fast & furious’ where the government sold guns to criminals. We have good gun laws on the book, now the police and government need to take the guns away from criminals. Do these people think that the criminals are going to give up guns,no, remember the 1920’s prohibition? It increased illegal liquor on the black market. This will happen quickly with todays thugs.
    God help us if they arm the teachers, i don’t trust some teachers with educating the children, there could be an armed experienced police officer and better security. Until people start being ‘nice’
    and take a step back to God and morality violence will only increase.The ‘ME’ generation has created more violence, selfishness and immoral actions. We need God back in the lives of these people. But preppers are a good scapegoat for them, any one who disagrees with them they berate. Stop going left and turn right to morall actions and love. Oh Yeah, why not get rid of the violent movies, tv and videos?


    • Patty, hope you had a great Christmas! As more fallout filters down from this issue, we have to look at the root causes. You’re right about arming some teachers. But what makes armed guards/police more qualified than other humans to carry guns into schools? The whole government schooling complex already looks and feels like a prison system. We and people around the globe already defy anti-gun laws. Like the alcohol prohibition days, black markets will provide the demand for guns. : http://reason.com/archives/2012/12/22/gun-restrictions-have-always-bred-defian
      The police state will only benefit from on the monopoly of force in schools, airports, etc. The individual is responsible for his/her own…everything…if we lived in a free, moral society with voluntary associations. As you pointed out Patty, God and morality is missing. Spiritual awakening is needed.
      Remember: Government equals force. And TPTB desire a complete monopoly on said force.


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