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Top 5 Reason to Stock Silly Juice for SHTF

by Todd Walker

Regardless if you consume alcohol personally or not, silly juice has a place in your SHTF preps… And not just as a barter item.

Disclaimer: Be smart. I you are an alcoholic and know you’d abuse your body or others by taking this advice to stock booze, stop reading and get help with your addiction! If you’re a teetotaler you can’t handle the idea of liquor being in your home, skip this article. Never ingest the toxic stuff – methanol, rubbing alcohol, denatured alcohol!


Liquored up?

To get liquored up properly, purchase hard liquor with high alcohol content. The two numbers to look for are percentage and proof. The first number (percentage) tells you how much ethanol is in the container. The proof number of alcohol is double the amount of actual ethanol in the bottle. 100 Proof means your hooch has 50% ethanol… and will ignite and burn a blue flame.

A heavy hitter for your stash is Everclear®. Here are the stats on this 100% grain alcohol:

    Size: LITER
    Proof: 151 / 75.5%
    Size: 750ML
    Proof: 190 / 95%

For long-term storage, buy in glass bottles. Keep your stash in a dark, cool, dry place under lock and key to prevent kids and crazy uncles out.

In a true collapse scenario, moonshiners will still the market. Prohibition taught us this lesson: people will find a way enjoy an adult beverage.

Even if you can’t legally brew the hard stuff now, making shine would be a Doing the Stuff skill worth learning… only after law no longer exists, of course.

Booze may be a vice for some, but having a well stocked cabinet of silly juice will be a bonanza after the SHTF! Here’s the thing though, your stash will eventually run dry in an extended break down. The same goes for your other consumables. Hooch will be in high demand.

Here’s why…

1. Medicinally

  • Herbal tinctures
  • Pain reliever – has worked for many broken hearts over the years 😉
  • Antiseptic – avoid using in deep wounds
  • Moderate consumption lowers risk of heart disease – caveats
  • Sterilize medical instruments
  • Sore throat (liquor and honey concoction)
  • Clear sinuses – it’s called Everclear® for a reason
  • Treat swimmers ear

2. Sanitizer

  • Eating surfaces
  • Hands
  • Scraps and surface wounds
  • Mouth wash and tooth pain – swish around and swallow for added relief
  • Straight razors
  • Gear – knives, butchering equipment, spork, everything else touching your mouth, etc.
  • One shot per liter of water helps kill nasties – give it time to kill the stuff (20 minutes or so)

3. Fire

  • Starter fuel for engines
  • Alcohol stoves – redundant uses for high-test alcohol if your DiY beer can stove is filled with Everclear® vs. denatured alcohol
  • Flambéing over the camp fire 😉
  • Accelerant – cocktails of the molotov persuasion
  • Once empty, use the clear glass vodka bottle to start a fire via magnification – then flint nap the bottom of the bottle into an arrowhead once you sober up

4. Barter value

  • The small mini-bottles may make the perfect barter size when things go sideways
  • Keep a supply of smaller containers to refill from your larger vat
  • The demand for alcohol after a SHTF event will be high
  • Escapism – folks don’t want to face reality and look to drown their sorrows

5. All purpose uses

  • Insect repellant
  • Removes poison ivy oil
  • Degreaser for guns and gear
  • Light source

What’s you’re top reasons and uses for storing high-test silly juice?

Keep Doing the Stuff,


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