Our Family G.O.O.D. Plan

by Todd Walker

One of my biggest fears is a family member not being able to get out of dodge in an emergency situation. I’ve just updated our GOOD Plan due to the recent re-location of two of our family members. I thought I’d share our plan. If you find it useful, you’re more than welcome to adapt it for your tribe. It will take some time and effort to get the maps and packets together. But isn’t your family worth it?

In the event we have to Get Out Of Dodge for any reason, here’s what the Sherpa tribe has on paper. I tried to build in as many backups as possible for our family. For OPSEC reasons, I’ve obviously deleted names and contact information from our plan. I also outlined General Self-Defense Principles from Boston T. Party’s Boston’s Gun Bible (buy it for less than the price of dining out with the DRG) as a reminder/refresher to our tribe.

Also, I did not include detailed lists of our equipment and supplies that we would load if time allowed. This is simply the skeleton plan.

This written plan with contact info is distributed to our tribe with OPSEC priority. If cellular service is down or someone’s cell phone dies, this is the written backup for communications for line lines or pay phones.

Sorry about the formatting. It’s a cut and paste job and I have not the time or skill to make it look “right”.


SS: Me

DRG: Dirt Road Girl, my lovely wife

S/DIL: Son and daughter-in-law

D1: Daughter #1

D2: Daughter #2

Survival Sherpa G.O.O.D. (Get Out Of Dodge) Plan


    1. Chain of command
      1. SS initiates GOOD plan
        1. Contact DRG and tribe if balloon goes up – via phone if service is available
        2. If DRG(xxx-xxx-xxxx)and SS (xxx-xxx-xxxx) are together, DRG starts calling contact list
      2. DRG’s contact list
        1. D1: (xxx-xxx-xxxx) and job phone, all contact numbers listed
        2. D2: (xxx-xxx-xxxx) job phone and roommate phone
        3. SS Parents: At Bug Out Location (xxx-xxx-xxxx) all contact numbers listed
        4. S/DIL (xxx-xxx-xxxx) all contact numbers listed
        5. Sister & Family: At Bug Out Location (xxx-xxx-xxxx) all contact numbers listed
        6. Tribe members non-family: (xxx-xxx-xxxx) all contact numbers listed
        7. Trusted neighbor, (xxx-xxx-xxxx) all contact numbers listed – call if SS & DRG are away from home to inform of our plans concerning getting back for the dogs
        8. DRG’s work if we are separated, (xxx-xxx-xxxx) all contact numbers listed
        9. SS’s work if we are separated, (xxx-xxx-xxxx) all contact numbers listed
  1. Communications
    1. Cell Phones, if service is still available
    2. Ham Radio – Base at BOL (to be purchased)
    3. CB’s in vehicles
    4. MURS handheld units for each vehicle
      1. Spare batteries
      2. Solar panel for recharging with battery bank
  2. Three G.O.O.D. Plans (Pre-SHTF)
    1. G.O.O.D. Plan A: D1 – Rally Point A @ SS home
      1. D1, 30-45 min drive in normal traffic
      2. DRG – monitor traffic & routes via TV/internet/radio and commo with D1
      3. D1: Route A/Rally Point A
        1. Route A: Detailed instructions to SS home with alternate routes.

4. D2: Route A/Rally Point A (see Map “GOOD Plan A, Route A, Rally Point A  in Map Index)

  1. Updated: D2 now lives close to BOL and has intimate knowledge of routes to BOL. SS Parents will ensure D2 get to BOL.
  2. ALTERNATE: Route to BOL. See (see Map “GOOD Plan A, Route A-1, Rally Point A  in Map Index)
  3. G.O.O.D. Plan B
    1. D1 – Route B/Rally Point B.
      1. Route B – (see Map “GOOD Plan B, Route B, Rally Point B in Map Index).
      2. Rally Point B – A location our tribe has met at before.
      3. SS & DRG:
        1. Take Route B
        2. Meet D1 at Rally Point B
    2. G.O.O.D. Plan C –Route C to Rally Point C (see Map “GOOD Plan C, Route C, Rally Point C  in Map Index)
      1. D1 take Route C to Rally Point C
      2. Route C: From D1’s home, follow detailed route on highlighted Map. Stay there until SS & DRG arrive. This is trusted friends home in the country.  His phone is: (xxx-xxx-xxxx).
      3. SS & DRG: In the event I’m unable to drive, DRG will follow our Map to Rally Point C in Map Index.
  4. Target Indicators (General Self-Defense principles from Boston’s Gun Bible)
    1.  Sound
      1. Subconscious mind is guard dog while sleeping
        1. Filters sounds that are out-of-place
        2. Trust it.
        3. Stay quiet and wait it out.
    2. Movement
      1. Deletes camouflage
      2. Animals freeze when scared
      3. Peripheral vision detects movement
      4. Stay still and wait it out
    3. Reflection/shine
      1. Time is likely short
      2. Be ready to act
    4. Contrast
      1. Camouflage minimizes contrast
      2. Depend on other indicators for alerts
    5. Outline
      1. Silhouetted – can see outline
      2. Break up outline with foliage or change shape/position
    6. Smell
      1. Rare indicator
      2. Could be used upon entering home/office
    7. Sixth Sense
      1. “Funny feeling”
        1. I of 5 senses not consciously identified, or…
        2. Actual Sixth Sense – spiritual realm.  Hunters and snipers often don’t stare or even think hard about their prey, or else the prey will often sense it.
        3. DO NOT question your sixth sense…pay attention
    8. Three Kinds of People
      1. Predators (those who cannibalize their own species)  ALPHA
      2. Prey (those who allow themselves to be eaten)  BETA
      3. Those who refuse to be either.  GAMMA
      4. There are no victims, only volunteers
  5. Alert Levels

        A) WHITE

1. Un-alert and unaware (daydreaming)

2. Never be in White in public

3. White is called “food”.  If you act like food, you’ll be eaten.


  1. Alert and Aware – focused and conscious of any potential problems.
  2. “I might have to shoot some Bad Guy today.”
  3. Statistically, it will be a minority 20 something male.  Suspect everyone – even the 60 year old asian woman with a cane.
  4. Smart predators fulfill no stereotypes and respect no boundaries.
  5. Trust your Fear…Trust your Gut.

a. Anxiety is 24/7 and unfounded where real fear is sharp, earnest and valid
b. Fear is sent to get your attention.  It’s a headline not a documentary.

c. DO NOT negotiate your fear away.  “Oh, I’m just being silly, it’s probably nothing.”


      C) ORANGE

1. Heightened YELLOW.  You now have a Specific Potential Problem.

2. “I might have to shoot that BG in a few seconds.”

3. Ask: “What is my objective?  What are my alternatives?”

4. If with someone, get their attention immediately.  (indicate BG and say “Orange”)

a. Partner move to cover forming a wide “Y” with BG @ base of “Y”.

5. Forewarned is Forearmed.  Get to ORANGE on the creep before he sees his opportunity.

a. Reaction time is .25 seconds

b. Distance = time

c. If you can’t increase distance, at least maintain it

6. Creeps can sense ORANGE

a. They want easy prey “Food in WHITE.”

           D) RED

  1. You now have a Specific Problem to solve.  It’s no longer a Potential Problem.  It’s about to happen.
  2. You have willingness to fight if required
  3. Finger on “Mental Trigger.”
  4. Draw gun/weapon or hand on it ready for full draw stroke
  5. Willing and able to deliver effective fire in 3 seconds
  6. Self-defense is reactive instead of proactive

a. Under law one must wait until attacked or he begins his/her attack
b. In SHTF situation, disregard and be Proactive instead of reactive

7. Self-Talk – take deep breaths
a. scan for other BG’s
b. look for cover
c. think about your background
d. mentally rehearse draw stroke
8. “Front sight. Press. Front sight.”


1. Engaged and doing exactly as trained…subconscious action

a. no training = no action…or ineffective action

b. One w/ the most training usually wins

c. In sports, we play the way we practice

2. What will it take to win your fight?

a. Can’t say – but train w/ different kinds of weapons (impact, edged, bare hands)

b. Use every advantage possible.  Whatever it takes to get the job done!


a. No draws in a fight – either win or lose

b. The only dirty fight is the one you lose

c. If you win, you did it right!

VI. In Your Vehicle

A. Properly Maintained

B. Gear in Vehicle

1. B.O.B. (Bug Out Bag) in vehicle at all times

2. Cell phone

a. Merely pantomiming a urgent conversation will scare off most creeps

b. If you do call, at least have their license plate info if possible

3. MURS hand-held radios for each vehicle

4. Spot Light – 1 million candlepower minimum

a. If chased at night, blind creep just before a tight curve

b. Also illuminates creep’s face for I.D.

5. Be Armed

a. Side arm at a minimum

b. SHTF – Rifle in .308/30 caliber plus sidearm

c. Shotgun with 00 buckshot and slugs (12 or 20 gauge)

C. Stay in condition YELLOW in non-SHTF situations

D. SHTF, stay in condition “Burnt ORANGE

1. Pit stops – re-fuel, restroom, etc. stay in condition RED

a. If traveling without partner, do NOT stop unless absolutely necessary

2. Road Blocks – stay in condition RED. (i.e., Law enforcement, wreckage, etc.)

a. STOP ahead of blockage with as much distance as possible.

b. Access situation with binoculars/scope from safe distance in vehicle

c. If BG’s present and armed, turn around and retreat to safe location and access alternate routes

d. Wreckage: if blocking most or entire roadway, use extreme caution.  This could be a staged ambush point in a SHTF situation.

e. If your able to physically pass, do so as fast as possible.  DO NOT stop for anyone in the way in a SHTF situation.  You have a 3,000 pound plus weapon in your hands…USE IT!

f.  Able bodied passengers prepare to give cover fire (condition RED in SHTF).  In low light conditions, use spot light as you pass blockage.  Usefully to light-up BG’s and destroy their night vision.  Use it to your tactical advantage.

Keep Doing the Stuff of Self-Reliance,


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