Ten Sextacular Reasons Why More Sex Will Help You Stay on Top in the Coming Collapse

by Todd Walker

Pull up a chair. We need to have an adult ‘birds and the bees’ talk.

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You may have heard the ‘talk’ early on in life. You sat at the kitchen table as mom or dad awkwardly fumbled for words to answer the “where do babies come from” question. You were on a need-to-know basis and I’m betting they left out these juicy details.

Coitus is far from just a procreative event. There’s more to getting intimate with our consenting adult partner than the survival of our species. Much more!

Optimal health rarely crosses our minds while sweating between the sheets. But scientists have discovered many benefits of regularly experiencing the big O …. my!

Acquiring knowledge is an important aspect of prepping. But here’s a big BUT… if you’re not Doing the Stuff (practicing what you’ve learned), your collection of cool ideas may leave you impotent when the need, ahem, arises.

For those with delicate sensitivities and uptightness who find sex talk offensive, please click away.

Wait! On second thought, you may benefit the most from this article.

Simply reading this information won’t garner the desired benefits. You have to start Doing the Stuff! (As if we need an excuse for more frequent coitus.)

Let’s get busy discussing the ins and outs of a good roll in the hay.

Ten Sextacular Reasons Why More Sex Will Help You Stay on Top in the Coming Collapse

Hay lofts are redundantly useful homestead structures! 😉

A.) Boosts Immune Response

Feel a cold or flu brewing? Forget the questionable chemical bombs in vaccines. Hooking up with your partner a few times a week can boost your resistance to all sorts of viral bugs. Researchers discovered higher levels of helpful endorphins (Immunoglobulin A) in folks with an active sex life.

B.) Lowers Stress Levels

A no brainer, right? The process of arousal and orgasm releases a chemical elixir of relaxants. Stress levels skyrocket after disasters. Not to mention our daily grind at work. Intimacy is a natural way to avoid Big Pharma’s pills and melt away tension.

C.) Saves Your Heart

Getting busy with your partner can reduce your chances of having a stroke and coronary heart disease. What’s the magic number on frequency? At least twice per week reduces your chances of dying from a heart attack by 50%!

D.) Stops Pain Better than a BC Power

Remember Marvin Gaye’s 1982 hit ‘Sexual Healing’?

It appears Marvin knew more than we gave him credit for. Oxytocin (known as the cuddling hormone) and a cascade of other biochemicals (norepinephrine, serotonin, oxytocin, vasopressin, melatonin, nitric oxide, estrogen, testosterone) are released during arousal and climax. This finding tosses the ‘headache excuse’ out the bedroom window! If your partner is experiencing physical pain, less sensual acts may not be the antidote.

You’ve heard that a good belly laugh is good medicine. So is sex. Morphine is a controlled drug in the opioid family for pain management. This medicine mimics our body’s natural pain-relieving endorphins. Your choice. Pills or pleasurable sexual healing!

E.) Reduces Inflammation from Arthritis

Your doctor probably never told you that sex helps reduce inflammation in your aching joints. Sexual arousal stimulates the adrenal glands to produce cortisone, an anti-inflammatory substance, that can turn agony into ecstasy.

F.) Sleep Aid

Guys get stereotyped as spiraling into a deep snore session after passionate play-time. Can you blame us? Sex is so relaxing!

And every guy loves the ‘P-word’ – Prolactin. Not what you were thinking? This hormone gives men feelings of satisfaction and the ‘everything is okay’ feeling. So we tend to sleep and lose our anxiety of the day. Men tend to sleep post-sex and women are left with cuddling their snoring partner.

Side note: My friend Gaye Levy has an excellent article on the importance of sleep over at Backdoor Survival. You need good sleep to function in the coming storm. Warning: No hanky-panky before pulling guard duty!

G.) Healthy Prostate

Frequently flushing the pipes by ejaculating has been proven to lower men’s risk of prostate cancer later in life. One study cited 21 times per month as the ideal frequency (solo counts). For the over-40 crowd, the flushing effect removes toxins that build up in the prostate.

H.) Functional Fitness

It’s estimated that making love burns between 120 to 250 calories per hour. Of course, the amount burned would depend the briskness of your romp. Even low activity levels during coitus elevates the heart rate and works your major muscle groups.

Overall fitness improves your sex life. And regular sex can improve your fitness level. It’s a win-win-smile situation!

I.) Longer Life

To live or not to live? That’s why we prep, right? A study in Wales found that having 2 or more orgasms per week reduced the risk of premature death by 50% compared to those who climaxed only once a month.

Making love 3 or more times per week can make you look ten years younger according to some research. Sex may be the fountain of youth preppers have been looking for – ;). Drink up!

J.) Lowers Blood Pressure

Whether you’re giving a big presentation at work, going through a personal SHTF scenario, or surviving TEOTWAWKI, loving touch releases our friendly hormone oxytocin to lower stress level and reduce blood pressure. If a long hug or caress holds these health benefits, just imagine the results of turning that long hug into an extended time between the sheets or a roll in the hay!

Here’s a few more on my Sextacular Honorable Mention list to help your thrive:

  • There’s a connection between romantic love and analytical thinking – problem solving
  • Stronger pelvic muscles and reduces the chance of complications during childbirth
  • Creates stronger bonds in couples and strengthens and overall sense of well-being
  • Increases estrogen levels and prompts collagen production for glowing skin, ladies!

I’ve often said that the worst day of fishing is better than your best day at work. The same can be said about sex. When it’s good, it’s mind-blowing! When it’s bad, it’s still not too bad.

Sex, like all survival skills, should be practiced even when you and your partner are not feeling frisky. The mood will follow. So will the sextacular benefits.

Keep Doing the Stuff!


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11 thoughts on “Ten Sextacular Reasons Why More Sex Will Help You Stay on Top in the Coming Collapse

  1. Hank

    It’s prostate (the organ) not prostrate (laying full out) although prostrate sex is just fine with me!


  2. Gus

    Prostate is spelled like this.


  3. “Why More Sex Will Help You Stay on Top in the Coming Collapse”

    But I’m always on the bottom because my wife likes it on top. Will I still survive?


  4. John R

    Do you have to have someone with you when you do this???


  5. GoneWithTheWind

    The reason sex is important for committed couples is that it is a affirmation of the love and desire of each of them and the lack of sex is the opposite.


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  7. MsKYprepper

    Pinned this on the fridge for hubby to read … maybe it will inspire!


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