My Top 10 Foods I’d Hate to Survive Without

by Todd Walker

Here’s the scene.

The inevitable happened. The world as we know it has ended. Trucks, planes, and trains stop unloading their goodies. The fragile power grid gives up the ghost. You and yours are as prepared as one can be to ride out the initial stage of the apocalyptic storm that’s raining zombies.

You’re cut off from other people and can’t barter for food. You’ve got shelter, water, first aid, and security measures in place. Now for the food.

Indulge me in my obvious futuristic mind experiment for a moment.



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You’ve acquired a top-secret, new technology – the 3D Food Printer. This machine has the capacity to create a year’s worth of food for your family. Once you press ‘print,’ that’s your food choices for one year. Oh yea, you can press the button daily to ensure food freshness. There’s no limit on what you can program the machine to produce.

But – here’s the catch. You only get to choose 10 food items.

What 10 food items would you ‘print’ to help you thrive, not just survive for one year?

Here’s a few guidelines if you want to play along.

  • Have fun with your list. No justification needed 🙂
  • No food rules! Just ‘print’ your top 10 foods list in the comment section.

My Top 10 Foods I Would Hate to Survive Without

My dream list contains foods I eat in my Primal Lifestyle. Yours may differ (see #2 above). The choices are difficult. When choosing, I wanted to incorporate the pleasure of taste, nutrition profile, and comfort my food provides.

A.) Grass-fed beef filet mignon

We buy the whole filet and I cut it into steaks to freeze. When get the urge to eat steak, nothing beats a nutrient dense, naturally raised cow steak!

B.) Wild-Caught Salmon

Dirt Road Girl and I just enjoyed her rocking salmon recipe last night! I’d program the 3D machine to print the skin-on variety. Loads of good omega-3s with every flaky bite. Plus, I’d crisp up the skin in a cast iron skillet for salmon bacon!

C.) Kale

Kale, unlike its cousin Brussels sprouts, is actually edible and quite tasty. It also provides essential vitamins and minerals (Vitamins A, C, B6, E, manganese, potassium, calcium, and fiber).

D.) Free-range Eggs

With so many ways to prepare these nutrient-rich bombs, I’ve yet to find an egg I didn’t like! There full of essential fatty acids, protein, vitamins (more so than kale), iodine, and many other nutrients.

E.) Sweet Potatoes

I prefer these to regular potatoes. They offer some starch carbs, but not as much as plain old potatoes.

F.) Raw Heavy Cream

From grass-fed happy cows, of course. This goes on my kale recipe, in my coffee, and as an added bonus, gives me the ability to make butter, cream cheese, cheese, and yogurt. Redundancy!

G.) Coconut Oil

Here’s a 160 reasons why! ‘Nough said.

Coconut oil. A must have for a FAT Pantry!

Coconut oil. A must have for a FAT Pantry! Image courtesy of The Organic Prepper

H.) Cashews

How could I not ‘print’ a daily dose of these buttery nuts. I go through at least a handful a day. I also mix in almonds, walnuts, pumpkin, and sunflower nuts. But cashews are my go-to snack.

I.) High Cocoa Content Dark Chocolate with Almond Butter Spread

I know. I’m cheating with two items at once. But that’s how I eat my dark chocolate semi-regularly. My little dark indulgence has been shown to lower blood pressure, improve insulin sensitivity, and satisfy cravings world-wide. A great comfort food while you’re waiting for the apocalypse to pass.

J.) Wild Blueberries

Packed with anti-oxidant powers and vitamins, this is my favorite fruit! Being from the Peach State, I worked in peach packing sheds growing up and love peaches. But I’d ‘print’ blueberries for their nutrient profile.

I struggled over swapping the dark chocolate for a dusty bottle of Pinot Noir. I settled on the chocolate/almond butter. But given one more item, I’d add me some wine with my chocolate!

Your turn. What 10 foods would you program to ‘print’ to help you survive and thrive for one year? List them in the comment section below!

Keep Doing the Stuff!


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