Email Re: Todd’s Tomato Ladders

[Editor’s Note: MI Patriot sent in a few pics of his version of our tomato ladders. Nicely done, MI Patriot! Appreciate you sharing with us.]

Hi Todd,

I am one of your followers Survival Sherpa. I wanted to post a couple of pictures of your ladders and what I did to take them one step further, but don’t know how to post pictures in the comments section.

We have a side garden with three 8′ x 4′ raised beds. Using lattice and furring strips, we’ve managed to plant quite a lot of stuff. The pictures that are attached are your ladders. The poles that are in the very back are our purple and green pole beans. The lattice way to the left is our crop of blackberries, and the wire fenced area is where the beans, peppers, and our cherry tomatoes are. We had to fence because the rabbits ate half my beans. Also in there is our herb garden and our bee balm in one of the other pictures.

If there is a secret to posting pictures in the comments section, I haven’t figured it out, so that is why I am sending you an email. [If any of you could help in matter, please let us know.]

I read about DRG and her cancer. I’m glad she’s come through it with flying colors. My mom got colon cancer when she was in her 70s and has been cancer free for the past 15 years. – MI Patriot

Todd's Tomato Ladders in primary colors

Primary colored tomato ladders


MI Patriot ladders

MI Patriot ladders 2


[If you’ve got DiY Preparedness Projects and/or pictures you’d like to share, please send them to me via email and we’ll try to get them posted. survivalsherpa (at) gmail (dot) com]


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3 thoughts on “Email Re: Todd’s Tomato Ladders

  1. MI Patriot

    Hi Todd,
    Just as an FYI…I am female. 🙂 LOL. The pics turned out better than I had hoped.


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