Grab Your DTS Network Button


by Todd Walker

Less than a month ago we started the Doing the Stuff Network. And we’re so glad we did! If you’d like to join us, or just see what this stuff is about, click here. Our Facebook group is very active in sharing and helping each other with new skills.

Kat Yorba, a contributor to this blog, suggested I add a DTS Network button for any members who’d like to let others know they’re a part of the network. Well, being the non-geek that I am, Kat graciously did the grunt work for us and created our button. I added it to our sidebar but haven’t figured how to put the code stuff under it. Maybe I don’t have to. I’ve emailed Kat for help!


Anywho, here’s the button for anyone is interested:

Doing The Stuff Network
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2 thoughts on “Grab Your DTS Network Button

  1. I’d like to put this button on my blog, and have it direct traffic direct to your site when “pushed”. Unfortunately, it shows up, but doesn’t have a link attached.


    • Sorry Steve. My nerd quotient is low. I think I fixed the button problem. Just cut and paste the code below the button and you can paste it on your site’s sidebar.

      Thank you so much for spreading the word and sharing the stuff!

      Let me know if works if you don’t mind.


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