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Attention Men: Pinterest is a Prepping Goldmine

by Todd Walker

I catch hell and get crazy looks when I tell my male friends that I’m on Pinterest.

Here’s a recent snide remark…

“You’re kiddin’, right!? That’s where girls post about manicures and weddings!”

Yep, there’s lots of estrogen induced pinning going on. But, guys, I’ve found Pinterest to be a great tool for preparedness and self-reliance.

Man is a tool-using animal. Nowhere do you find him without tools; without tools he is nothing, with tools he is all.

~ Thomas Carlysle

assorted wedges

There are lots of manly Pins that will stoke the fire of preparedness and self-reliance for anyone interested. In fact, it’s quite likely that your favorite prepared blogger has an active board full of value-adding pins. Whatever you’re into – prepping, survival, self-sufficiency, homesteading, DiY, bushcrafting, pioneer skills, guns, hunting/fishing, tools, permaculture, fitness – you’ll find it on Pinterest.

One cool thing about this social media tool is that your pins don’t disappear into the ether like Facebook or Twitter. What you pin on your board(s) stays there for future reference. My Pinterest boards serve as my Doing the Stuff refrigerator where I pin “fridge worthy” stuff I’m working on.

One preparedness project I found and finished yesterday is the self-feeding battery storage unit below. I was dressed for a hunting trip and my truck wouldn’t start. So I salvaged the day by heading to my shop to build preparedness stuff!

Power at your finger tips

Power at your finger tips

From left to right are the most common batteries: AAA, AA, C, D, and 9V batteries are ready for use and in one place. You can find the plans on my DIY Preparedness Project Board. I modified my battery storage unit by making it 21 inches tall instead of the original 8 inches to accommodate a Prepper load of batteries.

It beats my old scattered drawer storage method. There are 23 AA batteries in the slot with room for at least a dozen more.

When DRG or I need a battery, we can easily pull one from the self-feeding rack.

Who’s on Pinterest?

Alright manly men, before dismissing Pinterest as a girly hangout, you need to head over to Pinterest and Pin some preps!

While you’re there, you can follow your’s truly and some of my recommended preparedness pinners:

These are just a few of the folks I’ve got pinned to my Doing the Stuff internet fridge. Add your favorites in the comments.

Keep Doing the Stuff,


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