7 Great Handmade Preparedness Christmas Gifts

Tired of giving cheaply made, expensive gifts to folks on your list? How often have you seen your dad wear that lime green leisure suit you wrapped for him last year? That’s what I thought.

Here are 7 down and dirty, inexpensive, thoughtful, useful, and just plain meaningful gifts to replace that “as seen on TV” pink blanket with sleeves you just ordered.

1.) Cigar Fishing Kit

Cigar sleeve, duct tape, bank line, electrical tape, 10# fishing line, strike anywhere matches, fire starter , dry flies, artificial lizard, non-lead weights, 3 types of fishing hooks, metal leader, swivels, 2 floats/bobbers, and a snack size zip-lock baggie.

Give a man a fish, and he eats for a day…Teach him to make a cigar fishing kit and he can survive the apocalypse.

2.) Down and Dirty Sauerkraut



Fermented foods have sustained humans for thousands of years. When it comes to our gut flora, exposure to bacteria is a good thing. Fermented foods offer the sterile gut a healthy dose of probiotics to help balance our intestinal flora.

3.) The 5 Minute Tin Olive Oil Lamp

I made an emergency lamp out of a breath mint tin, wick, and olive oil… in 4:41 minutes. Don’t fill with oil until they pull it out of their stocking. Just a friendly reminder.

4.) Pemmican: Bread of the Wilderness

Like most things survival related, it’s best to experience it first hand before counting on it with your life. I don’t recommend it for Christmas dinner. But if prepared properly, it’ll last for Christmases to come. You can follow my recipe or try this one:


5.) 550 Paracord Rifle Slings

Paracord is the duct tape of outdoor survival. These slings contain about 100 feet of this indispensable stuff. Google “cobra knot” and you’ll find how-to tutorials.

6.) Fire Bow Kit On Training Wheels

Give the gift of fire. It’s easy to build and will make fire, caveman style.

7.) Make a Bench from a Cedar Tree with Pioneer Tools

I’ve made plenty of honey-do projects for the wife. This one is different. Here’s how. I decided to make this one using pioneer hand tools. This project will take more time but will become a family heirloom.

Giving something that you enjoyed creating, and the receiver will enjoy getting, is a win-win. Plus you’re not swamped with credit card payments in January. These projects are not budget-breakers unless you have to buy all the tools to make them. If you’re following a preparedness lifestyle, you probably have what’s needed to make these. If not, maybe Santa can hook you up this year.

Keep Doing the Stuff of Self-Reliance,


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4 thoughts on “7 Great Handmade Preparedness Christmas Gifts

  1. Hi Todd,

    I just wanted to share a Christmas Fruitcake recipe with you. The recipe is paleo-diet friendly. Fruitcake is great emergency food. A little peice of cake can go a long way. My husband takes the fruitcake on skiing trips and loves it.


    • Right on Caroline! I use to love fruit cake before going primal. I’ll have to try the paleo recipe. Plus, conventional fruit cake last forever right 🙂 BTW, I haven’t gotten back to you to tell you thanks for the video links you sent… So here’s the belated thank you!


      • You know, I don’t know how long this fruitcake would last. It gets eaten very quickly. I do wonder about the delicate oils in the nuts going rancid. I always keep shelled nuts in the freezer. I wonder if the alcohol would help preserve the oils in the nuts? I just don’t know. Be cautious and keep the fruitcake in the fridge.


      • The last one I had was about three years ago – pre-primal. It won’t last long enough to spoil 🙂


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