13 Preps You Can Do in 120 Seconds or Less

by Todd Walker

Kill procrastination now! Here are 13 preps you can get done in 120 seconds or less.

13 Preps You Can Do in 120 Seconds or Less

Making a duct tape card

  1. Jot it down. Write down as many ideas as possible in two minutes. No rules. Just get your idea machine running.
  2. Duct tape it. Wrap duct tape around an old store card and place it in your wallet. Now you’ve got an excellent survival tool with you wherever you go.
  3. Give me 20! Hit the floor and do as many push ups (with correct form) as you can in 2 minutes. If you can’t do a single push up properly, do a modified version on your knees and build up to the real thing. Push ups are my favorite form of exercise for convenience.
  4. Stash cash. Sock away a $5, $10, or $20 dollar bill in your glove box or other hidey-hole in your vehicle. Do this as often as possible until you have a nice cache of emergency cash.
  5. Take care of your feet. Throw a comfortable pair of shoes or boots (and socks) in your car or truck in case of a break down and you have to get home the primal way – hoofing it. Penny loafers and high heels might get you there but won’t be comfortable. 
  6. Top off your tank. Get in the habit of filling up your vehicle when it hits the half-full mark. Better to not roll the dice and have enough fuel to get where you’re going.
  7. Replace your batteries. Yep, don’t forget to change out the batteries in your home fire alarm(s) – if they’re battery operated. Okay, two minutes per alarm. Here’s a DIY battery storage unit I built and use. 
  8. Map it. Take two minutes to outline your route for weekend yard sales. Saves gas and time.
  9. Turn. Off. The. TV. In 120 seconds or less you can decide to stop the misinformation overload and break your mainstream news habit. Read one page of that book you’ve been putting off. It might turn into two chapters before you can stop.
  10. Meditate. I’ve never done a lot of meditation. But I’m seeing the value of being quite and staring at my navel for a few minutes a day. 120 seconds is about all I’ve built up to so far.
  11. Don’t leave home without it. A bandana that is. There lightweight and extremely useful!
  12. Sneak up on someone. Write a quick text to one person just to encourage them. This ties into doing Random Acts of Prepping – which may take a little longer, but worth the effort!
  13. Pay it forward. Please share this list if it added value to your busy life.

Can you spare 120 seconds or less? If so, add some value in the comment section!

Keep Doing the Stuff of Self-Reliance,


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13 thoughts on “13 Preps You Can Do in 120 Seconds or Less

  1. A very good and informative post, but I’m curious about the uses of a duct taped card. Please enlighten me. Thank you.


    • Wasn’t worded very well.
      Take an old credit card or store member card and wrap a few feet of duct tape around it in case a situation happens that needs repair. You can even keep it in your glove box.
      Better now??


      • Frank Rivas

        What is better yet, get a gift card from a popular auto parts store so you have it on hand if your vehicle breaks down and you have it in your glove box. Be aware of expiration dates and you can still wrap your duct tape around it.


    • Andrew carbonetti

      It’s basically a hardened edge weather you use it to scrap, break in, pry open softer things enough for you to get another tool in. I mean off the top of my head I feel like there is a lot of random stuff.


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  3. Clare

    I read it as think about 2min preps. 1. rinse soft drink bottles and fill with water. Save dryer lint for tinder. Add small bottle of water (ideally stainless steel so can boil), cash and matches/lighter to edc. In your car have a god pair of walking shoes and working gloves, tools above tyre change e.g. axe, shovel. In car have a few litres (gallon) of water to top up radiator/wipers, add fire making e.g. lighter and matches. Some light – headlamp is best but need to rotate batteries. As said fill car at 50%. A map of your local area and a compass if you know how to use it.


  4. Dare Tuitt

    Save the inner cardboard core of toilet papers rolls. Makes great tinder on their own, or fill with lint from the clothes drier and now you have even better fire starters. If the toilet paper comes in a wrapper, save that too. It would make good back-up toilet paper when you run out of the real stuff.

    Can also use as seed-starting pots.


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