33 Awesome DiY Projects for Preppers

by Todd Walker

DiY skills may one day turn a tinkering hobby into life-saving knowledge. Turning book knowledge into useful stuff takes initiative.

33 Awesome DiY Projects for PreppersYou have to start somewhere.

Below you’ll find a slew (33 counts as a slew, right?) of ideas to help you on your journey to self-reliance and preparedness. Most will take only a few minutes and minimal skills. Others require hours and sweat equity. Doers of the Stuff don’t mind. It’s just what we do.

Let’s get started Doing the Stuff:

  1. Cigar Fishing Kit
  2. Drinking Straw Sewing Kit
  3. The 5 Minute Tin Olive Oil Lamp
  4. Fletching Arrows Duct Tape
  5. A DIY Fire Bow On Training Wheels
  6. Get Your Gut In Shape: Down and Dirty Sauerkraut
  7. Pemmican: Bread of the Wilderness
  8. Camouflage Your Rifle DIY Style
  9. Arm Pit Probiotics and DiY Deodorant
  10. Dirt Road Girl Compost Tumbler
  11. Rendering Tallow for Cooking and 12 Other Uses
  12. Camouflaging DiY Rain Barrels for Front Yard Gardens
  13. Go Herbal: Putting Together Your Go-To Herbal Medicine Kit
  14. Ollas: Ancient Low Tech and Low Cost Sub-Surface Irrigation System
  15. DiY Fire Starter in a Drinking Straw
  16. Todd’s Tomato Ladders: No More Lame Cages
  17. Do It Yourself Survival – PART 1 – Low Cost DIY Projects for Preppers
  18. Clever Storage Idea For Old DVD Containers
  19. Making a “Honey-Do” Bench from a Cedar Tree with Pioneer Tools
  20. Healthy Household: Homemade Medical Kits
  21. A DiY Farmhouse Table, DRG’s Grocery Bag, and Chair Planter
  22. Running on Empty: Siphoning Gas without Sucking
  23. A DiY Survival Sling Shot with Big Game Capabilities
  24. Deconstructing My Adjustable Paracord Rifle Sling…Just for You
  25. Physical Preparedness: Practical Performance for Real-World Survival (Doing the stuff in natures gym)
  26. Vertical Spine Shelves for Small Spaces
  27. DiY Pallet Garden Fence and 100 Year Old Windows
  28. The Dirt on Moving Raised Beds to Full Sun
  29. Coffee Can Hobo Stove
  31. Lighten Your BOB: Pack The Alpha Tent
  32. DIY Preparedness: Ed’s Red Bore Cleaner Recipe
  33. Arming Yourself for the Zombie Apocalypse: How to Build the Ultimate Survival Shotgun

I know y’all have more to add to this list. Drop us a line about your DiY projects and ideas in the comments (with links if you have them) and add value to our community!

Keep doing the stuff,


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49 thoughts on “33 Awesome DiY Projects for Preppers

  1. What a great list! Thanks for putting this together! I think I want to try learning to make my own deodorant!


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  3. Good read– I reblogged!!! Thank you!!!!!!!!


  4. Thanks for this list. Very cool projects to tackle.


  5. jac

    Todd….if your wife doesn’t mind, would you marry me? LOL
    Thanks for the diy goodies….I enjoyed them very much.


  6. drobinette

    Great starting point.


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  12. Reblogged this on The Nature N3rd and commented:
    Another fantastic list of projects for your Bug Out Bag, courtesy of Survival Sherpa


  13. Reblogged. Great list!


  14. Pingback: Anonymous

  15. great article n site! will repost on my blog


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  18. I have done a lot in my lifetime from survival training, to being homeless for 2-years and learning a ton out there as well, and I’ve never found a single person who’s had so much together before. I knew about the Hobo Stove, I could tell the stories of how it saved my life out there on the streets several times from literally dying. Today I prepare for whatever is coming next, and studying and learning everything I can to make sure I’m ready for that too… I just can’t get over how you’ve changed my opinion of some things with your posts, I am recommending to everyone I know to come read your stuff, truly a wonderful find of information, please keep up the great work.


    • Wow, Compton! Thanks for your response and comment!

      Two years of homeless living will most definitely teach you survival skills. I was ‘homeless’ for only four months once in my life. I lived in a homeless shelter by choice. That one experience taught me a lot about myself and others people.

      I’d be so appreciative if you’d contact me via email to discuss your homeless years. I think your experience would add so much value to the preparedness community and people in general. survivalsherpa at gmail dot com.

      Again, I’m humbled by your comments.

      Keep doing the stuff, Compton!


  19. I see many sites and this one today topped many of them with resource information on just one page. I really like to gain some great knowledge without much hassle and I saw that here. Great work and thanks again!!


    • When I saw your name this morning I thought I knew you. You’re a legend on Pinterest in the self-sufficiency arena! Just followed the rest of your boards. Thanks for your encouraging words, Ed!

      Keep Doing the Stuff!


  20. Great list of DIY projects. I see a ton of really fun projects to work on with my kids. Keep up the great work!


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  24. Great List! There is a lot to do and keep busy with 🙂


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  32. Liz Halr

    Can you use coconut oil instead of suet for the pemmican? Might taste better and yet be another way to get your recommended dose.


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